Wardrobe essentials are fundamental clothing pieces that make putting outfits together simple. Regardless of your love for bold fashion, a cohesive ensemble will need some core staples. The best way to showcase your latest trendy find is with a capsule wardrobe. 

A capsule wardrobe is made up of timeless pieces and closet essentials. Once your closet is composed of wardrobe musts, everyday dressing becomes infinitely easier. Having basics on hand can remove all of the foggy guesswork you may experience while selecting your outfit early before work. They also allow you the perfect canvas for exploring new styles. 

But this winter season, we are reemerging with a fresh sense and taking our personal style to the next level. All white tees, black long sleeves, multipurpose shoes, and trustworthy outerwear are some of the more evident places to start. 

Designer pants, blazers for women, and midi dresses may not come to mind when you think of basics. But, these underestimated closet staples can take your winter outfits to the next level. Whether you’re starting from scratch or cleaning out your closet, find ten wardrobe essentials that will last you for years to come

1.Relaxed Trousers

Imagine being in a groggy daze, scrambling to figure out the perfect outfit to impress some new clients. Having a trusty pair of trousers is a no-brainer. 

A pair of black trousers are perfect for working women. The wardrobe staple can go a long way in making outfit styling office-appropriate and straightforward. You could pair almost anything from a cozy sweater or loose blouse to a fitted blazer. 

Sweatpants are great and all, but trousers make a great impression as we return to the office. The classic garment looks as chic with a pair of kitten heels as it does with sneakers.

2. The Statement Blazer 

Adding a statement blazer can make almost any outfit go from basic to chic. The garment symbolizes power and professionalism. 

Do you want to elevate your brunch outfit? Does the mild weather have you reaching for a jacket? Are you in search of the perfect can’t go wrong coat? A blazer is an answer you have been looking for.

3.Midi dresses

The next step in upgrading your closet essentials is incorporating midi dresses. The versatile style is perfect for achieving that day-to-night look. At calf-length, you can comfortably wear the dress for both formal events and casual activities. 

Midi dresses come in all shapes and styles. Are you going for a classic look? Then, shirt dresses are your best bet. Or, are you looking for a trendy silhouette? Maybe try out a bold, hippie-inspired pattern!

Amara Black Dress

4. Tank Tops

You can probably think of a tee shirt you wear in constant rotation, but it’s hard to beat the cool factor of a sleeveless top. Tank tops are a versatile layering piece that won’t have you overheating on a day of running errands. Also, there are many different styles of tanks, so you can play around with necklines, textures, and styles. Pair your wardrobe essentials with leather trousers, or wear the camisole top under a chunky knit sweater or blazer. 

5. Street to Gym Leggings

What do you and the hottest celebrities have in common? Well, you likely both have a dependable pair of leggings you can count on. Whether slipping them on to run to the bodega, pilates class, or work, leggings are undoubtedly a closet essential everyone needs and want.

It is likely that you already have a black staple pair, so trying out some different colors, like grey leggings, can elevate your wardrobe. 

You can dress up your legging game by searching for a pair that resembles leather. Matte black leggings are the perfect pants for comfort and style. This style not only works for the gym, but you can get away with wearing them to a trendy dinner spot. 

6. Leather

Boots, purses, and car interiors are not the only things leather is good for. In addition to leggings, almost everything in our closet can be upgraded with a leather alternative, and doing so will add a serious upgrade to your essential clothing. Investing in some quality or vegan leather pieces can elevate your closet essentials. Mixing textures adds an air of elegance to any outfit.

 Forget leather accessories. Consider a blazer, trousers, or button-up. You can pair your new leather staple with jeans or your favorite tee. 

Muslin Silk Dress

7. Street Sweats

During quarantine, the world finally accepted sweatpants as street style. We couldn’t be more excited. The baggy and comfortable pants serve us edgy and trendy. The day has arrived when we can now get up from our couch and out to the store while staying comfortable and stylish. 

We often see our favorite celebrities rocking sweatpants and joggers. You, too, can recreate this style at home by elevating your clothing essentials. You can find a pair in bold colors or monochromatic neutrals and pair them with a blazer or flannel for an effortless look. 

8. A House Dress

A house dress has a flowing silhouette, puffed sleeves, and smocked details. Whenever you feel feminine or whimsical, you can count on this style to match your mood. The billowing dress is both comfortable and fancy. You can also dress it up with kitten heels or statement loafers and a blazer. Dress it casually with sneakers. 

9. Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is the most optimal way to take a basic shirt and make it trendy. Not only has the precious metal dominated our feeds, but the minimalistic accessories match just about everything. You can hop on the trend by selecting a few jewelry wardrobe essentials.

A gold statement bracelet is a perfect way to tie together your interview ensemble, while a dainty gold chain will make your collarbones pop. The occasions are endless, and you can wear gold jewelry daily. 

Thick gold hoops are notably at the top of this trend. One way to make these earrings pop is by pulling your back into a claw clip to show off your hoops. No piercings? No problem. You can still join in by wearing a minimalistic ear cuff. The subtle touch is sure to sparkle under the light. 

10. Cozy Knits

The final closet essential on our list is a cozy knit. Whether sweater, blanket, beanies, or dresses, thick knit weave is incredibly irresistible during the winter season. For sweaters, we have our eyes on bold colors. Try out a spicy red wool sweater. Not only will you look festive, but you’ll definitely rake in the compliments.

On a Final Note

Now that you have the wardrobe essentials figured out, you can look to Moda Design District for the latest fashion trends. We pride our platform on bringing independent designers to one space. Are you looking for more tips? Check out the rest of our blog page to stay in the know on all things style.