2022 will bring you more joy than you think. This is the year of the bright pink dress, bold suits for women, comfy yet not tedious cardigans for women, and last but not least, sustainable fashion! You are maybe wondering what some of these trends look like and how hot they’ll really be this year, so let’s find out.

Fashion Trends of 2022

Fashion trends are all about distinctive and confident choices. Every fashionista wants to be seen and remembered, so they dress in clothes that cause reactions, Some fashion trends, over the years, keep on coming back but some of them have been passing fancies – maybe for the better. Safety pin face jewelry, sweatbands, and everything in velour just need to stay in the past where they belong. But not fashion trends of 2022! We’ve prepared some fashion trends that we think will never go out of style. 

The Bright Pink Dress 

Pastel colors were maybe the trend of 2021, but fashion trends of 2022 are flashier than that! That said, the bright pink dress brings a fundamental shift to the way we see color. Pink is making a huge comeback, and it’s not just for little girls anymore. You can be heading on a dinner date, going out with friends on a Friday night, or just getting around town on a Sunday afternoon, and everyone will notice you’re bright pink dress! It’s for all the girls who like being in the center of attention, so trust us when we say this, with this dress, the right accessories, and heels, you’ll never leave the spotlight! 

Vibrant Suits for Women –  The Real Fashion Trend of 2022

The power suit for women is something that will definitely take charge of 2022 fashion trends. As we’ve previously mentioned, vibrant clothes are a hot topic this year, and your suit should portray that fashion trend now more than ever. Suits for women are a statement in the fashion industry. 2021 brought up a lot of women entrepreneurs who feel confident, driven, and dedicated to their new leadership role. Suits for women are not only something you put on just because it’s professional. You do it because it lures you into a whole new world of success in which you thrive as a businesswoman.  

Cardigans for Women – Welcome Back, Fashion Trend!

It’s safe to say that some clothing items can fit so many different yet interesting styles. From ethnic and boho chic, casual and hipster, to preppy and trendy- what do all these styles have in common? You guessed it- cardigans! Cardigans for women have always had their spot in the fashion world. It is, without doubt, an item that rounds up the style and makes it pop. 

Since its last appearance as a fashion trend was back in 2019, it has proved, yet again, to be a natural staple for all fashion combinations.

How to Style Cardigans for Women? 

It’s important to know what look you want to go for because mishaps can happen very easily. No one wants that grandma-vibe outfit.

Because they are so practical, cardigans for women can be part of business casual attire. Just wear them over a button-down shirt with some pants, and you’re ready to go. For a cozy but sophisticated and romantic look, you can wear knitted cardigans over a knitted bra. Vintage style is always popular so pull out that puff-sleeve cardigan and rock it with some flares or skinny jeans.  

But the question is- do all cardigans have to be fitted? – No. An oversized cardigan can be perfect for that casual but sporty look that goes great with a pair of leggings. Cardigans are so versatile and are truly adored by all women, and for that reason, they are on our fashion trends 2022 list. 

Sustainable fashion – What’s that?

Sustainable fashion is when clothes are designed, manufactured, and produced without damaging our beautiful planet and the environment. Being green is becoming more and more popular, and a lot of designers want their brands to be eco-friendly. Sustainable fashion raises awareness and teaches us that fashion doesn’t have to be disposable. It is the future, it’s here, and we here are really excited about it!

Where can We Buy Sustainable Clothes? 

Can we make our own sustainable wardrobe? – Yes, we can! We just need materials that are organic and natural, and that have no harmful chemicals in them. Some of those materials are hemp, linen, and organic cotton, which are very eco-friendly, as well as silk, wool, leather, and cellulose fibers. On the other hand, if you want to buy sustainable clothes, you sure can. We here at Moda Design District will help you pick out a couple of outfits that you’ll fall in love with immediately. 

Is Sustainable Fashion the Only Way to be Green?

The short answer is, no. There are second-hand shops that have a variety of clothing styles to choose from. It’s like walking into a candy store and discovering new and interesting flavors. The sole purpose of second-hand shops isn’t to sell cheap clothes. It’s ensuring that the clothes aren’t thrown away and wasted but reused and reborn, which is what sustainable fashion is all about. 

Another way to stay green is to swap clothes. Organizing a swapping circle is enjoyable, free, and may even be a confidence boost. Sometimes we are insecure about our bodies and don’t want to try on certain styles or colors. But, there are also times when we don’t want to pay for a garment just so we can wear it once. 

Swapping clothes allows you to be open-minded and have fun with something new and different. You can always give it a go among friends, and later when you get hooked, you can expand that swapping circle and be a member of the swap society!


Create Your Own 2022 Fashion Closet!

Let us be your tour guide this year. 2022 is going to be a fierce, year and we here at Moda Design District will help you and your wardrobe gain some confidence. It’s all about finding that charm and incorporating it into your personal style. We always want you to be the best possible version of yourself, and our mission is to make that dream a reality. And always remember, don’t let the clothes wear you!

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