Embrace Your Jane Austen Fantasy with Cottagecore Netflix's Bridgerton may have inspired one of the biggest women's summer trends for 2022. We're talking about cottagecore, a trend that's going to transport you into the land of soft floral patterns, peasant silhouettes, and earthy tones. There are a few ways you can embrace the cottagecore trend this summer. For instance, you can choose solid earth tones and clothes made from natural materials. For example, shop for cool linen, flowing silk, or wool. Cotton is another popular choice. You can also accessorize with luxurious raffia hats and straw handbags to complete the look. However, if you want to experiment with fun colors and patterns, you may want to check out the Aqua Kaner Flower Puff Sleeves Dress. Nostalgic Y2K Mini Bags Let's take a trip down memory lane and get inspired by the early 2000s mini bag trend. These itty-bitty bags might not be large enough for your entire makeup collection, but they sure look Insta-friendly. Some of the hottest celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, have been spotted rocking these adorable pieces in different shapes and sizes. You can also find them in a wide array of vibrant summery tones, such as this multicolor Emma Bag.