The latest jewelry trends say it all: Whether you choose feminine charms, stunning pendants, or bold chokers, this year, it’s all about necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and, believe it or not, tiaras. If you are looking to spice up your appearance or completely change the way you look, these new jewelry trends are perfect for you. In this article, you will find pieces for everyone – both simplistic and maximalist editions. 

That said, finding trending jewelry has never been easier, thanks to Moda Design. We provide you with some of the most unique and showstopping designer pieces available. This 2022, dare to be bold.

If you are ready to find out which trending jewelry made the list of the hottest of 2022, keep on scrolling.

Jewelry Trends for 2022

Below, you will find the latest and greatest trending jewelry. Some of these pieces will have heads turning anywhere you go. If you are introverted, luckily, we have also featured the latest jewelry trends for a “subtle look.” Here you go.

Intricate Geometric Shapes

If you are looking for unique and new jewelry trends that will make you stand out from the crowd, consider playing around with shapes. This year, the spotlight will be on bracelets. For instance, this Talar Manoukian Aglow Metallics bracelet is ultra-trendy. It is handcrafted from 18 carats of gold-plated brass and carefully embellished with concrete. The first thing you’ll notice is the interesting shape. This stunning bracelet was inspired by the Armenian Genocide Memorial Tsitsernakeaberd Yerevan, making it an excellent option for architecture-loving fashionistas. The good news is that you can also find trendy designer jewelry sets to complete your outfit. It’s no secret that mixing-and-matching is one of those jewelry trends for 2022 that’s here to stay.


Pop Up with Pearlcore

You might be looking at the term “pearlcore” and scratching your head. In the world of the latest jewelry trends, you’ll always find new slang words popping up. This time, pearls are taking center stage. But that’s not all. Designers such as Tom Ford, Valentino, Simone Rocha, and Givenchy have elevated the pearl trend to a completely new level, adding a sense of whimsical and magical. According to experts, the latest jewelry trends hint the return of pearls in unexpected and new ways. For instance, think of varied color combinations, styles, and sizes. If you are looking for a stunning piece, check out the Farra Jewelry Freshwater Pearls with Faceted Amethyst Bracelet. Based on the info on the new jewelry trends, we can see what the experts are talking about. This piece by Farra Jewelry features glowing pearls combined with Japanese golden plated brass findings and faceted amethyst. These Farra Jewelry Yellow Crystals with Freshwater Peal Hook Earrings are too die for as well.

Freshwater Pearls With Faceted Amethyst Bracelet
Yellow Crystals With Freshwater Pearl Hook Earrings

Body Chains for Summer

Some new jewelry trends are inspired by the past, such as the viral body chain trend. As spotted on celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Megan Thee Stallion, body chains are the perfect accessory for your cute bikini body look on the beach. You will love this trend because not only is it flattering on every body type (yes, even curvy girls will look fantastic!), but they go well with every swimsuit. For example, a cute body chain would pair perfectly with a simple swimsuit such as this Canggu Low Waist Bikini in Deep Sea Blue.

Interesting Fringe and Tassel Elements

If you look at the latest trending jewelry, you will likely see the element of fringe and tassel popping up over and over again. Without a doubt, fringe jewelry, whether it is necklaces, earrings, or even accessories such as belts, are IN. If you want to follow the jewelry trends for 2022, you must have at least one fringe and tassel piece in your itinerary. For instance, these Farra Jewelry Rhinestones Bordered Freshwater Pearls Tassel Earrings combine two summer 2022 trends, pearls and tassel. Any woman with good taste will look fabulous with these simple yet stunning pairs of earrings made of glimmering rhinestones. What about a fantastic option for a belt? Consider the Sophy G Rose A Hand-Made with genuine leather, made from pure silk.

Rhinestones Bordered Freshwater Pearls Tassel Earrings
Rose A Hand-Made

It’s Better with Beads

Most trending jewelry pieces for 2022 will feature beads. That’s why if you want to be a real fashionista this summer, you need to have at least one necklace, earring, or bracelet with beads. The size and color are entirely up to you and what you fancy! This trend is also excellent for people who enjoy getting crafty because you can also make your own beaded jewelry. If you are not artistic, don’t worry. Fortunately, some new jewelry trends, such as the bead trend, sparked the interest of countless designers. So, the jewelry options are almost endless. For instance, this Viviana Schmidt Gradient Necklace in blue and pastel green shades will add a dose of playful femininity to your look.

Gradient Necklace

Statement Chokers Oh My

A list of jewelry trends for 2022 couldn’t exist without the famous choker trend. As seen on runways of Tory Burch, Miu Miu, and Givenchy, the subtle choker trend is gone. This year, we are embracing bold statement pieces such as the Sophie Simone Designs’ Boutique Choker Two Hummingbirds. If you are a lover of all things unique, you will be obsessed with this necklace. Remember, this trending jewelry is only for people who want to stand out. Interestingly, the hummingbird bird as a totem symbolizes resiliency and adaptability while keeping an optimistic and playful view on life.

Choker Two Hummingbirds

Gold and Silver Fusion

Who said you couldn’t combine gold and silver? This year, we encourage you to mix and match different styles and fuse them together with your favorite pieces of jewelry. For instance, try matching the sophisticated Pani-ka Boutique Ring with the mesmerizing Sophie Simone Designs’ Boutique Ring Hummingbird Silver. Of course, this combination might appeal to fashionistas with a bolder taste in jewelry. If you are seeking a more subtle option, we recommend combining all-silver rings with gold earrings or vice versa. The key to this trend is to experiment.

Ring 13.1.1.
Ring Hummingbird Silver

Heavenly Hoops

This trend is nothing new, so it’s no surprise we had to feature it again this year. Hoops, whether they’re silver or gold-plated, smaller or extra-large, are always IN. You can mix and match them with different jewelry pieces such as dangling necklaces, statement rings, or more. If you are looking for a statement piece fit for everyday wear, parties, or even cocktails with friends on the beach, hoops are your best friend.

Embrace Your Inner Princess with Tiaras

Finally, one of the biggest trends for this summer is the tiara. These royalty-worthy pieces were all over the Red Carpet, with celebrities such as Emma Chamberlain and Blake Lively sporting stunning crowns and sparkling silver iterations. That said, this trend will look best if you have a formal gathering or a special event to attend. Otherwise, wearing a tiara to the beach may be over the top and reserved only for the bold. If you are one of our boldest readers, the tiara trend is perfect for you.

We hope this list inspired you to upgrade your jewelry collection for 2022. If you are looking for the latest and hottest jewelry pieces to attract attention this summer, check out our impressive collection of designer items at Moda Design.