It’s no revelation that accessories can make or break a look. Men’s accessories are often overlooked, but the saying goes for guys’ fashion too. Many men prefer utilitarian fashion. They disregard fluff and any outfit components that could be considered unnecessary. Simplicity is a common theme of menswear. Sometimes accessories for men get a bad rep for popularity. However, the chances are that without the right accessories, your overall look will be lacking completeness. Besides, the devil is in the details after all. 

Men’s Essential Accessories

For some men’s essential accessories, guys know exactly what style they like best. For example, let’s consider sunglasses. Most people prefer one style over another to fit their face shape. Sunglasses are one of those accessories that men have been likely wearing before they remember. Hats are another one of those men’s essential accessories. Be that as it may, what about when it comes to a bag, socks, watches, or other jewelry. A man fashion accessory may be something out of the essentials like a cool chain or elevated backpack.

A Man Fashion Accessory

Every male wardrobe should contain at least one man fashion accessory. This could be some men’s designer accessories or a treasured piece of precious metal. Of course, you can fill your closet with as many complete your look pieces. However, for the men already stepping out of their comfort zone, starting with a couple of key pieces can help establish a personal style. The best men’s accessories are the kind that makes a male outfit look personal and unique to you.

Maybe you feel like a deer in the headlights when choosing the best men’s accessories. Maybe you are shopping for your own men’s accessories or shopping for a loved one. Either way, first consider if you have a favorite movie star or have a friend’s fashion in mind that you wish you could mimic. Start there. Once you have something in mind, the design experts here at Moda Design District have compiled a comprehensive list of accessories for men sure to complete your look.

Functional to Fashion

Accessories for men do not need to be gaudy or unsightly. In fact, the best men’s accessories should effortlessly blend in with practical men’s style. Sure, it ultimately depends on your signature style, but you must remember that fashion can be functional. Consider the tribe certain men’s accessories have created. Let’s take a look at Rolex. Since 1905, Rolex’s Swiss men’s designer accessories have become a symbol of luxury and wealth. Now, the rare watch styles are few and far between and arguably one of the most iconic accessories in men’s fashion.


Are you still wearing that brown leather belt your parents gave you in high school for the school dance? If that’s you, then you definitely need an upgrade. Struggling to keep your pants from slipping down has never been a good look unless you’re going for a pants-on-the-ground feel. Omit the struggle and get your hands on this classic pebbled leather belt. Handmade in Germany, this charcoal black belt reminds us of the sleek Yves Saint Laurent style. Imagine wearing smooth Tuscan leather fitted with a Dutch grey solid brass buckle, beyond suave. 

The great thing about leather is that it only improves with age. So, investing in some solid black, brown, or grey leather belts is a great option if you’re looking for longevity in your men’s designer accessories. Are you looking for some other belt-style steals? 

  • This braided suede belt in cognac exudes confidence with a timeless look to boot. Make sure you take care of the precious suede leather by avoiding water or protecting your belt with an inclement weather protection spray. Learn more about suede fabrics and care.
  • We love this chilly grey colored belt for the winter season. Take a look at this classic suede belt in light grey.
Classic Pebble Belt Black - Laurent

Belt Black $110

Classic Suede Belt Light Grey - Norberto

Belt Light Grey $110

Braided Suede Belt Cognac - Gilberto

Belt Cognac $115


Are you still repping your alma mater on those bad hair days? Ditch your ratty old hat and trade it in for something new and sleek. Are you wondering about our new favorite style? Men’s newsboy caps. With tweed, wool, and high-quality stitching, we have our eyes on Bordoo Fashion. The Serbian brand designs unique, sustainable styles and accessories that are sure to elevate your overall look. Check out some of our favorite must-have caps, designed by the family brand.  

  • The dark red newsboy cap. Inspired by the hit show Peaky Blinders, Bordoo Fashion designed the high-quality tweed style for this fall season. The burgundy hue is trending for the holidays. Be ready to look modish and classic sporting this cap.
  • For the rainy moments this fall, we have our eyes on this reversible bucket hat designed by Ducktail Rainwear. That hat is both water and windproof making it perfect for those who live in inclement weather. Golf trip with the guys coming up? Pack this bucket hat along with you for the coolest look.
  • Do you have a vacation getaway planned for the holidays? In that case, you’ll need a trusty beach hat. It is essential that you protect your skin from harmful UV rays, plus you can avoid an unsightly sunburn in style!
Borrdoo Newsboy Cap White Dogtooth

Newsboy Cap $49

Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat $47

Borrdoo Newsboy Cap

Newsboy Cap $49


Do you have paperwork scattered around your car or taking up precious countertop space? Avoid a mess and missing documents by getting organized. Ducktail rainwear has the best men’s backpacks in fall fashion, perfect for work, school, travel, and adventures. 

Rainy day, no problem. The impermeable fabric will shield your papers or precious technologies from becoming damaged. The bag also allows you to get orderly with three separate compartments. The first is your 15-inch laptop sleeve. Secondly, you have an interior pouch within the main compartment. Finally, you have an exterior zip pouch for easy access. This is the perfect place to slip your stylish shades, cell phone, or AirPods. Plus, the stylish backpack comes in various eye-catching colors.

  • Grey Ducktail Rainwear Backpack
  • Green Ducktail Rainwear Backpack
  • Red Ducktail Rainwear Backpack
Green Backpack

Green Backpack $127

Red Backpack

Red Backpack $127

Ducktail Rainwear

Grey Backpack $127

A Final Note

We hope you have found the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe. At Moda Design District, we pride ourselves on being a platform that brings independent designers together. Our customers can expect a streamlined shopping experience with only the finest and refined styles. Our buyers and fashion experts work overtime to find the hottest trends and upcoming styles, so you always look effortlessly chic. Share this blog with friends if you saw something you liked, and feel free to browse the rest of our site.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or some lucky loved ones, get ahead shopping for the holidays. You’ll feel much less stressed when December creeps up, and you’ll feel at ease as you strut into holiday parties with a gift in hand. Happy Shopping.