Summer 2021 is a looming time of hope for many people. The world is inching closer to normalcy as vaccines are distributed. People are safely resuming work and recreation. Families are reuniting, and travel is looking more and more hopeful. 

Besides the promising outlook, masks will most likely remain a staple. While out and about, you will not only need a place to store your mask but what about all the summer essentials you trek abound?

Handbags are a must for the summer months. You typically accompany fun in the sun with sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, swim cover-ups, sun protection hats, and the list goes on and on. You will need a place to carry your summer essentials around with you, and cute summer bags are the optimal option.

The Latest Handbags 

Technically, any bag could do the trick. But chances are, if you have stumbled across this blog, you are a fashionista. You will want to stand out with trend setting fashion bags. Moda Design District has the best summer bags and trending handbags. We are here to help streamline your search for the latest fashion handbag.

This shopping guide will lead you to the latest handbag trends and help you discover the latest fashion handbags that suit your needs. Keep reading to stand out this summer. The newest bags of the season represent positivity and boldness. 

Newest Fashion Bag Trends: Summer Shoulder Bags

One of the latest handbag trends for summer 2021 is the shoulder bag. Shoulder purses are summer fashion bags that are perfect for a youthful look. They are typically lightweight and easy to carry around. You will be sure to discover that your Instagram feed of influencers is sporting colorful shoulder bags this summer.

The good news is that you can easily accomplish this trend. The shoulder bag tends to work with almost any warm-weather outfit. You won’t break a summer sweat while lugging around something oversized. Summer shoulder bags are wildly trending in bold colors. However, achieve a more classic look by wearing a neutral tone.

Moda Design District recommends the mini bags from Wolinska London. The bags of recycled materials would otherwise end up as waste in a landfill. Instead, the designer transforms the materials into summer fashion bags. The lightweight summer shoulder bags can be purchased in Fuschia, blue or black. 

Aiko Mini Bag
Raven Embellished Bag
Akane Bag

The Best Summer Bags Have Triangle Cuts.

Geometric shapes are the newest handbags in style this summer. Triangle cuts are all the rage, thanks to designer runways forecasting the upcoming trends for spring and summer 2021. The look is edgy and modern. Highly technology-focused times influenced this geometric style. 

The sophisticated trend is sure to be featured on the wanted summer designer bags. You can mimic the latest fashion handbag by finding some edgy, geometric purses. Moda Design District recommends the handbags designed by Natalia Berilo. The Spanish designer has created minimalist and geometrically appealing designs that are versatile. 

We have our eyes on the Black Flat Hexacube Handbag, the Leather Handbag Purple The Drop, and the Leather Handbag Yellow Flat Hexacube. Not only do these fabulous summer designer bags match the triangle cut trend, but they match the colorful trend.

Black Flat Hexacube Handbag
Leather Handbag Purple The Drop
Leather Handbag Yellow Flat Hexacube

Bold, Bright Colors in Trending Handbags

Bold, bright colors pop. The fun colors counter the world climate that has been bleak for some time now. We are talking about the overall mood and fear of the pandemic, not the weather. Brighten up street style and our cities’ spirit by peppering the sidewalks with a splash of color. 

Summer fashion bags should be uplifting like the weather and hopeful predictions for the world’s future health. Pops of color fill post-pandemic fashion, and if you don’t believe us, sign onto Instagram. This handbag trend is playful. The trendsetting fashion bags experiment with flaming red to a delicate lavender or lime green. 

Moda Design District recommends the fun bags from Alexander Bratscher’s Boutique. 

The unique leather and oak bags are handcrafted. You can find cute summer bags in the colors light blue, neon pink, purple, or bright blue.

Ab Special Bag
Ab Special Bag
Ab Special Bag
Ab Special Bag

Kelly Green Trending Handbags

Another one of the newest fashion bag trends is bags colored in an intense pure green. Irish fields and greenery inspire the color Kelly green. Think of St. Patrick’s day decor while imagining this tone. Why you may ask, is green all the rage this summer season?

You can blame designer runways for heavily featuring this intense green. Lime and pastel greens have taken a step aside for this bold tone. The good news, you can mimic these summer designer bags by only focusing on color in your search for trend setting fashion bags.

Moda Design District is highly recommending Maison Avaza’s Styx: Leather Bag. The crocodile print purse is large enough to fit all your summer essentials while being one of the latest handbags trends.   

Styx : Leather Bag Handmade

The Best Summer Bags are Clutches.

The newest fashion bag trends are all about being lightweight. We are so excited that clutches are the newest handbag trend because they are easy to carry and add elegance to any look. The strapless purse can be perfect for the day and transition into a sexy evening look.

Clutches make you look chic and streamlined because they are simple. Everything you need is in the palm of your hand, and you can feel relieved by tossing shoulder straps aside. Make a style statement with any clutch you wear.

Moda Design District recommends the clutches designed by Dinas. The Riya Clutch of soft lambskin leather is high quality. The clutch design is perfect for day to night. You can buy the crafted design in a playful puff pink color perfect for combating any other cute summer bag on the market. 

The same design also comes in a midnight sparkly fabric. The stardust bag will have you channeling the evening night sky. The stardust bag also is available in a medium size. We love the disco-inspiring clutch because it will be the perfect debut bag to go out on the town this summer. 

Riya Stardust Bag
Riya Clutch
Riya Stardust Bag Medium

Fashion is our Passion

Moda Design District is here to help you achieve your dream wardrobe filled with on-trend and classic pieces. After all, fashion is our passion. We want to share that with the world and you! 

The right handbag can complete your look and bring your outfit to life. An accessory is a fabulous way to follow trends because you can use them to spice up outfits you already have. 

What do you think about the handbag trends for this summer? Which trend is your favorite, and do you plan on rocking any of the styles we mentioned? We want to hear from our readers! Please share this blog and tag us on your social media to let us know what is your opinion!