• 6 Winter Outfit Ideas for 2020/21

6 Winter Outfit Ideas for 2020/21

6 Winter Outfit Ideas for 2020/21

Regardless of whether you like winter or not, you can most definitely spice things up with the right attitude and choice of winter outfits. The fashion wizards have blessed us with many attractive pieces that are bound to make the cold and gloom less depressing. And even if the winter is not your season per se, the following outfit ideas for winter can change all that.

Of course, it’s always imperative to stay true to your own sense of style and preferences. The ideas that we have put together are suggestions that can get your creative juices flowing so that the winter wardrobe you come up with is something you can be truly proud of and feel happy and fulfilled every time you start pairing garments together. After all, fashion has always been and always will be about individuality, expression, confidence, and personal growth.

Camélle Black Collar Oversized Wool Coat

1. Become the Winter Wool Goddess

Nothing says winter just like wool. Don’t back away just yet; these days, designers incorporate wool into their creations while keeping comfort and stylishness in mind. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about overly bulky or scratchy garments.

If you’re interested in transforming yourself into a true winter goddess, you can’t go wrong with the wool shorts and bodysuit pairing. Camel is always the right color choice wool-wise, while you can break the nudes with a black or some other darker shade of the bodysuit. Of course, throw on a matching camel wool coat and enjoy the warmth and style without compromise. With an interesting print bag that brings something unique to the entire outfit, you can safely claim your seat on the trendy train. What’s more, when you layer this outfit with thermal leggings and boots, you can easily turn your fashionable look into a snow outfit!

Camélle High-Waist Pleated Brown Shorts
Evasion Bodysuit - Black
Vitamin 001 Bag

2. Enjoy the Sporty Elegance

Sporty elegance is not only reserved for spring and summer; the right winter wardrobe pieces can make your style come to life all year round! What’s more, this is a perfect choice for everyone who prefers to feel comfortable yet classy.

That said, consider suiting up for that touch of elegance; the so-called swan suit is the perfect unisex option for people who value their stylishness but still want something edgy and different. Pair the swan suit with a plain white ribbed bodysuit to stay warm and comfy, and you’ll already have a fantastic go-to look, be it for work, staying true to yourself when going around town, or exploring winter outfit ideas for going out. A large leather tote matches the outfit perfectly. If you’re blessed with relatively mild winters, opt for a pair of comfy loafer slip-on, or go with a chunky boot style if the weather is a bit nippy.

Swan Suit Blue
La Babouche Loafer Slip-On - Pearl
Basic Rib Bodysuit Ecru
Large Leather Tote - Noble - Offwhite
White Long, High Waist Pants

3. A Fashionable Business Vibe

Your business outfits don’t have to be boring and plain. What’s more, don’t let the wintery darkness spoil your bright spirit. That said, there’s no reason to shy away from lighter shades during the winter months.

For instance, long high-waisted pants in a gentle shade of white are more than appropriate for business occasions while the cut and design flatter your body shape and elongate the legs. Of course, if pants are not really your thing when it comes to business looks, you can always opt for a nice dress. A nice zipper dress that falls straight down will keep you warm, stylish, and all done up for work. Choose a fun shade such as mustard yellow, which is all the rage right now, and conquer the world! Pair a classy leather handbag with your outfit. If you want to tone things down a bit, put on some loafer slip-on, or go all out with stiletto/kitten heel shoes or ankle boots.

Genis Dress
Honeycomb Handbag
La Babouche Loafer Slip-On - Onyx

4. Edgy Winter Look for Gents

The edgy, biker-inspired look has been very popular in 2020, and there’s no change there when it comes to winter outfits, for both the ladies and the gents. Men might feel a bit underwhelmed with all the colorful and fun choices that ladies seem to enjoy this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get to show off their sense of style and fashion during the colder months. 

All black, leather-heavy outfits have been all the rage. That said, leather koush pants paired with an oversized T-shirt with matching leather details and a classic leather belt will definitely make your outfit runway-worthy. Top it all off with a Bambara-inspired leather vest to show off your unique personality and ruffle some feathers wherever you go!

Koush Pants
Classic Pebble Belt Black - Laurent
Black Leather Biker Jacket

5. Edgy Winter Look for the Ladies

When it comes to the edgy winter style women fashion, the trend is to mix and match different pieces to create a unique and personal outfit that also incorporates the feminine touch with the edgy feel. The whole ordeal may sound too complex, but in reality, all you need are three well-chosen garments and you’re ready to make some noise! 

Start with simple and elegant cocktail cotton pants and break the sleek vibe with a thick knit ruffle top. The concept makes for a fashionista icon already, but when you throw on a leather biker jacket, your trendy, chic, edgy, yet feminine winter look will be complete. Top it off with some oversized shades and revel in the awe-struck looks around you as you walk by.

Houndstooth Ruffle Top
Alka Pants
Ambitious Black Frame + Grey Lenses

6. Embrace the Knitwear

In the mood for something cozy yet elegant that allows you to fit in an urban winter café and winter wonderland at the same time? Well, why not give the knitwear trend a go? True, when you hear knitwear you may think about the 70’s costume pieces, but the trends are changing, and 2020 has managed to bring it all back with a rather modern and fabulous twist.

Imagine yourself rocking a flattering knit dress; you can go the more formal and elegant route and pick a black piece with wide shoulders and a square neckline that perfectly accentuates your body line. Or, you can go the more casual road, and opt for a mustard yellow knit dress with long sleeves. Throw on a bright long coat to chase away the winter blues and keep warm. Top everything off with a luxe bag with gold details and an attractive pair of rebellious sunglasses and your winter look will scream Instagram fashion model.

Long Bright Coat 5092
Thick Stripes Knit Dress Black
Rebellious Black Frame + Grey Lenses
Luxeal Crossing Gold

Authentic, different, stylish, and confident – this is how we want you to feel in every outfit you put together, even when winter weather brings you down. At Moda Design District, it’s our mission to bring the international designers together so that you can pick out the pieces that represent your taste and personality on all levels. After all, we’re confident that our respected buyers simply cannot find the deals and designs we offer so conveniently anywhere else.

Moda Design District is not about making a profit; we’re focused on creating an international designer district market that allows fashion designers and enthusiasts from all over the world to connect with and discover each other. Feel free to check out our platform that smoothly incorporates the workings of both galleries and a marketplace with more than reasonable prices. Clothes make the person and we hope that our selection of clothing will help you make yourself into whoever you wish to be!

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