Avoid sun damage and look extra chic this summer by wearing trending summer hats in addition to a healthy layer of sunblock, of course. The 90s fashion statement has come back in style, and no one is more excited than us! From women’s beach hats to trendy hats, Moda Design District has various summer hats for women that will stand out this season. 

Find the Perfect Summer Hat

The most fun part about this trend is that there are so many options to choose from. Your destination for the day can be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing from trendy hats. Block out the blistering sun with a baseball cap or feel effortless suntanning with a women’s beach hat.

If you still want to get those beachy summer highlights this season, skip the typical summer hat and opt for a visor. Visors are some of the most trendy hats this season. Our favorite celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner, have rocked the visor look, leaving us with an array of inspiration. Athletic visors are for more than the tennis court. Strut around everywhere this summer, looking stylish in one. 

Be bold by choosing a bright pop of color for your summer hats. Neon is all the rage this summer, and you do not want to be left out of this playful trend. A super cute way to wear neon summer hats is to match your hat color to your bikini. Think pink with a watermelon pink swimsuit and a matching strawberry-colored bucket hat. 

Bright Days Ahead

Not only can we expect that many sun-drenched days are ahead of us, but the future is also looking a bit brighter as well. Things are finally beginning to look up. Restaurants are beginning to open up, shopping is an option, and the nightlife is back in some cities. In addition, people can visit their favorite summer getaway spots with the proper precautions. 

Since our summer plans are looking a little less bleak than last year’s, we should prepare the perfect summer wardrobe to make our debut, and that includes blocking out those harsh UV rays with hats for women.

What to Wear With Trendy Hats

Hats pretty much align with any kind of look, as long as the colors and patterns coordinate, of course! 

For example, imagine finally being able to sleep in on a lazy Sunday. You have brunch plans at noon, and it’s already 11 A.M. Your hair is a disaster, but you don’t have nearly enough time to wash and restyle it. This is where your summer hat comes in. Pair your summer hat with a summery slip dress and arrive at brunch just in time for the first round of mimosas while looking chichi in your trendy hat. 

Then again, hats are also great to wear with loungewear, beachwear, and athletic wear. If you love to run, avoid harmful UV rays on your daily route with a sweat-wicking baseball cap. Do you have an upcoming summer getaway? The perfect resort wear is incomplete without an accompanying hat.

Shade Hat
Shabby Black Hat

Where Should I Wear My Summer Hats?

The options for summer fun are endless. Whether you’re planning to cheer on your favorite baseball team, take a walk in the park, or drive to the coast, you don’t want to forget your summer hat at home. Summer hats for women are perfect for almost any event this summer.

Pool Day

If you plan to spend most of your summer days poolside, you will want a women’s beach hat. The elegant look will pair perfectly with some tanning oil and an icy cold cocktail. So lounge away your summer days while reading your favorite magazine (or our blogs!) poolside with the helpful shade of a floppy beach hat. 

Our favorite hats for women at the beach are straw material. The lightweight woven texture will keep your head cool and protected. Not to mention, the classic look has been a symbol for summer style. You could go with a more bohemian look by opting for a straw hat with frayed edges. A women’s beach hat will also look fabulous at the shore as well.

In the Bleachers

Baseball games are always included in the summer fun itinerary. Whether big leagues or little league, you will likely wind up going to at least one game this summer. However, you should remember that baseball games typically translate into a long day in the sun, so protect your head by bringing one of your trendy hats along. 

You can even match your favorite players by sporting a baseball summer hat. On Moda Design District, there are so many cute caps and colors to choose from. We recommend finding a baseball cap in your team’s colors, so you are extra prepared to cheer them on. The significant part about this summer hat is that the style is here to stay, and you can even easily transition the cap into outfits for other summer events.

Take on the Rodeo

Channel your inner cowgirl by rocking a fierce western hat this summer. The rodeo is a great idea if you’re looking for something fun and unique to do this summer. Bring some friends along and snap an Instagram-worthy shot in front of the horses, maybe even try riding an electric bull! Wear your hat with an equally western giddy-up. Maybe pair your look with turquoise accessories to boot.

Cowgirl hats are an optimal choice for summer hats for women because they remain chic even after you return home from the rodeo. You can wear the trendy hat on vacation, horseback riding, or even to the beach for an escalated and eye-catching look.

Shopping on Fifth Ave

If you have plans to shop along the glamorous Fifth Avenue this summer, you will want a summer hat to tie your street-style attire together. The same goes for whatever fabulous shopping street is near you! We recommend a fedora for a certain city-inspired swank. 

For an extra summery feel, opt for a summer hat made with some natural or straw material. We recommend wearing your favorite flowing maxi dress with a fedora hat to look like a disguised celebrity. Trendy hats have a unique way of making people look extra upscale and chic, creating the perfect accessory for a day filled with the hottest shopping.


Hats are back this summer. You don’t want to get any shade this summer, so block out the haters with a trendy summer hat. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, Hayley Bieber recently snapshotted the perfect way to sport this summer trend on her Instagram.

Are you looking for the perfect summer hat? We have selected the most fashion-forward picks to help you stand out this summer. In addition, you can complete your summer wardrobe by finding the perfect sundress to match your chic cap. The options are endless, and Moda Design District has you covered.