If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe for the summer and embrace the latest color trends, this article is perfect for you. Hot pinks, greens, and yellows, oh my! This guide features all of the trending colors for summer 2022 as seen on runways and sported by the biggest influencers. You will also learn which color gets the title of “the color of the season” and hues to avoid. 

That said, choosing the right colors is not enough to boost your style. You’ll also want to make sure that the clothes you wear are made from high-quality and breathable materials. If you are looking for the best-grade outfits that feel luxurious on your skin, check out our collection at Moda Design.

With that in mind, here are the latest color trends to make you feel like a boss this summer.

Color Trends for 2022

Whether adding a bold statement to the monochromatic looks featured by Dior or “sprinkling” a delicate touch of femininity as seen by Gucci, these latest color trends will make your summer wardrobe unforgettable.

As always, take these suggestions for trending colors with a grain of salt. If you prefer a color or a clothing piece that is not featured in this article, that doesn’t mean that it is not fashionable. Remember, anyone can be a fashionista with some creativity and confidence.

Choose “Bottega Green”

The color of the season in 2021 was the notorious “Bottega Green,” and without a doubt, the trend will continue this summer. Numerous heritage fashion brands have coined their position in the world of colors, such as Christian Louboutin Red and Hermès orange, but the latest and greatest trend is Bottega Veneta’s show-stopping vibrant green hue. 

The former creative director, Daniel Lee, is credited with blending youthfulness and modernity into the famous fashion brand, even introducing several “IT” shoes and bags.

One of his latest style contributions is “Bottega Green,” a bold hue only for bold fashionistas.

If you’re looking to incorporate this latest color in fashion into your wardrobe, but you are not sure how worry not. You can either opt for a stunning green dress such as this Green DV Dress or look for subtle accents. For example, a belt or a cute handbag in a bright green hue will also do the trick.

Green Dv Dress

Embrace Your Inner Barbie with Hot Pink

Although Pantone claimed that the color of the season for 2022 will be periwinkle, a soothing and soft shade, this year, fashionistas are choosing another “louder” route. Namely, it turns out that the newest color trend this year is the bright, bold, and scandalous hot pink.

We could spot this vibrant shade early in spring 2022 on runways from Versace, Dior, to Alexander McQueen, and it is finally making its way to beach resorts and nightclubs. Get inspired by this latest color in fashion and say hello to your inner Barbie doll.

If you are intimidated by a full-on hot pink look, we suggest choosing accent pieces such as belts, hats, and blazers in this vibrant shade. Nevertheless, if you are ready to hit the hottest nightclubs and make a scene (yes, this color will make everyone’s head turn), you could also go with a hot pink dress such as this Mo Pink open-back silk dress. You could also mix and match hot pink with a vibrant orange tone to create coherence and add “sass” to the look.

Mo Pink

Brighten Up Your Day with Lemon Yellow

What do you do when life gives you lemons? You pick and choose your favorite outfits in this color of the season and slay on the streets. Unlike other color trends for 2022 that were showcased on shoes and mini bags, models on runways were wearing head-to-toe lemon yellow. 

Although this look will mostly appeal to maximalists and avid lovers of yellow, we have to admit that this flamboyant color is charming and inviting. Here is a trick if you want to add a healthy dose of this vivacious color to your wardrobe but are unsure how to do it. You can start with a hair accessory such as this leopard print headband in yellow and black. This way, you’ll be “on point” with the summer trend without drawing too much attention.

Alternatively, a different yellow hue can also look fantastic, especially on darker skin tones. For example, this Mustard Yellow Dress Midi is not only in a more mellow version of the color of the season, but the cut is super flattering if you are on the curvier side.

Leopard Print Headband (Yellow & Black)
Mustard Yellow Dress Midi

Pantone’s Very Peri is Here

Yes, we said that Pantone’s predictions for the latest color in fashion were a bit off. However, that doesn’t mean that this blue hue is not making it onto every runway and into the wardrobe of the biggest fashion lovers. 

Of course, there’s a “catch.” The version of periwinkle you’ve known is fading away, making room for the upgraded “Very Peri,” a vibrant blue tone with warm violet and red undertones. Best of all, this color won’t only be hot in your clothing collection – you can also decorate with it to create a cool and trendy atmosphere in your home!

However, we understand that periwinkle or “Very Peri” is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to be stylish but don’t like the lilac tint, you can opt for the eternally fashionable baby blue instead. For instance, you can go for a stylish piece such as this Havana Oversized Linen Blazer or a summer-ready pair of shorts like these French Riviera Linen Mom Shorts.

However, if you are ready to experiment with lilac, this Lilac Dress in Violet will make you look feminine, chic, and absolutely stunning.

Havana Oversized Linen Blazer In Sommerhus Blue
French Riviera Linen Mom Shorts In Sommerhus Blue
Lilac Dress

How to Choose the Right Outfit?

Now that you are aware of the latest color trends for 2022 let’s see the tips and tricks on how to choose an outfit that will make you feel fabulous.

-Choose Breathable Materials

-Choose the Right Cut

-Pick the Right Size

-Look for Colors that Match Your Complexion

All of us sweat in summer, so choosing clothes made from the highest-quality materials that allow your skin to breathe is crucial. Whenever you can, choose cotton or linen, as these materials are light, breezy, and soft. If you are on a budget, cotton is an excellent way to combat summer heat without breaking the bank.

Other summer-ready materials include rayon, chambray, polyester, and our favorite, silk.

Choosing the right cut and the perfect size is also vital if you want to look polished. For instance, avoid clothes that are too small as these can downgrade your look. Also, clothes that are too big can make you look “frumpy.” Of course, the oversized trend is an exception to this rule.

Finally, and most importantly, wear colors that look good on you. For instance, bright colors such as lemon yellow, Bottega Green, and hot pink will make darker skin tones glow. Whereas lighter skin tones may want to try incorporating more periwinkle or mellow shades into their wardrobe. 

At the end of the day, these are only basic guidelines, and you are the designer of your closet. Make sure you put on that gorgeous smile, and everyone will be smitten.

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