The first thing that needs to be explained is what business attire is. Let’s clarify, business attire is clothes you wear in certain formal situations. We usually decide to go with business attire when going to meetings, interviews, or it’s simply part of our workplace dress code. So now that we know when to dress up and for what occasions, the obvious question is what kind of clothes are formal business clothes? 

Types of Business Attire 

Because there are many business attire variations and types, we will single out two that we think capture professionalism’s essence.

Business Professional Attire

This type of business attire is what people usually think first, which is why it’s our first choice as well! Picture suits, ties, formal waistcoats for men, blazers, pencil skirts, and formal business suits for the ladies. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, there are some differences in style that we will point out, to help you choose the right option for yourself.

Color-wise, black and white business attire are always favorites, Gray and navy should be your second option. White business attire emphasizes the silhouette and makes women seem even more elegant, which is always a big plus. 

The only tip we have is to watch out for patterns because sometimes they can make a different impression than what we’ve originally wanted to make.

Formal Business Suits for the Ladies 

Ladies, it is apparent that we look good in everything, but this style gives us power. Hear us out when we say this: nothing says Girl Boss like a formal business suit for the ladies. Wearing a formal business suit, even if it’s white business attire. can be highly empowering. At the end of the day, we want to be taken seriously as the great bosses and leaders that we are!

But it doesn’t stop there! A formal business suit for the ladies doesn’t have to be just work-related. How you ask? Well, lose the blazer, put on higher heels, and you’ll be ready for a cocktail party in no time! If you’re not a suit-type of girl, there are plenty of other options to choose from in our business attire closet. Dresses, skirts, blouses, button-down shirts, and three-inch heels are some of the jackpot items for your day at the office.

Formal waistcoat –  Men’s Fashion

Men- If you think women prefer uniforms to business attire, think again! You can go fully business and wear a button-down shirt (designer shirts for men can be business-friendly, just so you know), a formal waistcoat-men’s fashion, and a suit. 
Formal waistcoats as men’s fashion are back in style, but if you ask us, they never went out of it. Because they’re so versatile, they can be incorporated into anyone’s personal style as long as you’re being a little creative.

They can be part of a very elegant outfit. and they are perfect for business settings like meetings, but you can wear them even after work. If you are going to a party or dinner, which doesn’t have to be business-related, just take off your jacket, and you’re still looking good in your shirt and waistcoat. Formal waistcoats in men’s fashion can really make an impressive statement, so be bold and try one out! 

And as for the shoes, brown or black leather, preferably Italian shoes should always be a number one option. When polished, they give that extra something to the overall appearance. There are many kinds of shoes, but in our opinion, you can never go wrong with an elegant oxford.

Accessories and Business Attire 

Someone said that men don’t need accessories, but we agree to disagree! If you want to complete your outfit, try spicing it up with these dashing accessory ideas like classy wristwatches, flashy cufflinks, and a matching belt to TIE it all up. 

Women are used to accessorizing, but the key is not going over the top. You can style your formal business suit for ladies or any other outfit with elegant accessories such as a fashionable belt, a fancy watch, and purse, or chic jewelry, but it’s crucial to keep it to a minimum. Remember, in this situation, less is more!

Business Casual Attire

This type of business attire is great if you don’t feel like going all-in and if the dress code isn’t too strict. If you are unsure about the setting, you can’t go wrong with business casual. There are a few subtypes like smart-casual business attire or casual-chic business attire, but they all have the same thing in common, and that’s comfort.

Designer Clothes and Casual Attire

Here is our main issue. Are designer clothes business casual attire? Fortunately, they absolutely are. Jeans, khakis, sports coats, polo shirts, and designer shirts for men are just some of the items that can be part of someone’s brand, and still look casual.

Designer shirts for men don’t have to be part of formal clothing. If you incorporate them into your individual style and match them with your, let’s say, eye color, they’ll make you seem more open, approachable, and definitely more handsome, which are very attractive characteristics. They can be perfect in a workplace setting or any casual occasion. 

Similarly, as designer shirts for men, women can also wear designer clothes as a business casual style as long as they combine them with the right accessories and shoes. Many designer brands have a business casual line, so there’s no need to worry about looking your best when going casual.  

Ladies, believe it or not, casual clothes can make our wardrobe more stylish and trendy, whether designer or not. Shirts, cardigans, sweaters, high-waist pants, and jeans are all ready to be freshened up with pastel colors and bolder choices that make our combinations limitless. Loafers, mules, boots, and even flats will make the day easier, and we won’t have to potentially worry about being uncomfortable, which is very important in an eight-hour workday. 

Woman in White Suit

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