The holidays are a time for us to spend time with loved ones, take some time off, and reflect on our past year. They are also a time to celebrate! Think of all the work you have accomplished in the year. You definitely deserve a champagne toast and what better way to celebrate than as we enter 2022? We’ve finally made it through an unprecedented year, and we are becoming accustomed to our new normals. Everyone reading this has made it, and that is truly enough reason to celebrate. 

Depending upon your circumstance, your calendar may become stacked with get-togethers and events. This means you may be left to wonder what to wear for New Year’s Eve. You may already have an idea of your perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, but perhaps you don’t know how to execute it. On the other hand, you could be completely in the dark about New Year’s Eve party outfits. That’s where we come in with loads of style inspiration and fashion hacks. 

At Moda Design District, our fashion experts have compiled a digital guide of all the best New Year’s Eve outfits, including the iconic little black dress, long formal dress, silver sparkly dress, and mini cocktail dress. Our guide will answer all of your questions about what to wear for New Year’s Eve and more. Take the stress out of scrambling last minute by planning your outfits ahead of time. Imagine arriving at your holiday events early and stress-free! 

You might already have an idea of what your New Year’s Eve outfit is. Possibly, the look includes your go-to party dress and nude heels combination, or it could be a subtler ensemble of jeans and a trendy top. All in all, you can’t go wrong, and anything you choose will undoubtedly suffice. However, if you really want to stand out, there are some fashion statues you should consider to master your fit. Plus, who doesn’t adore a killer outfit?

To break down the style rules to know, we are spilling the six tips to dress effortlessly cool this New Year’s. You may already have a handle on some of these tips, while others might be unheard of and worth a try this holiday season. Keep on reading to learn more. In addition, shop NYE fashion too. There is sure to be at least one (maybe more!) clothing item for everybody to shine in.

Striking Silhouette

Following a fabric to fit formula can do wonders in making your outfit look sleek. The fabric to fit formula follows two basic principles. The first rule is that simple fabrics should be fitted or tailored to your body. The second rule is that more unique fabrics should be looser. For example, your gorgeous crushed red velvet jumpsuit should be fitted, while your latest lamé dress in silver metallic would look much better if it weren’t skin tight. 

Take a look at this stunning tailored little black dress—it flairs and tappers in all the right places. The short black Duchesse is a one-shoulder dress fitted on the body with an exaggerated skirt. It features a hand-stitched rose on the waist and draped bodice with tonal micro sequin accents. Finally, it has a typical zip closure on the center back. This piece certainly follows the fit formula rule. 

Ora Black Dress
Fiore Dress

Be Individual

During the holidays, it can be easy to gravitate towards the status quo style. If you want to refresh your winter wardrobe, choose clothes that stand out from the crowd. We love the idea of women reaching for a long formal dress in silk or some bold color for special events. Why do we just love maxi options this season? Not only is it a way more comfortable choice, but the unique style is far more intriguing than yet another sequin bodycon dress. 

Other unique and relaxed garments could be a ruby velvet jumpsuit or a Peony Kimono Dress. 

Pick a Focal Point

Sometimes we see women who try to fit everything glamorous into one look, but it turns out excessive. This could be an outfit of sparkly makeup, a sequin dress, glittery shoes, and stacks of jewelry. A look like this can feel overdone. If you want to look balanced, pick one focal point to stand out. For example, if you want to wear a silver sparkly dress, opt for nude heels and light makeup, no jewelry, and a simple bag. This creates an effortless juxtaposition as opposed to an overstated look. 

On the other hand, say you have the perfect little black dress set aside for your New Year’s Eve outfit. Then, your accessory can be the standout piece. You can have quite a bit of fun with accessories since there are many different avenues to take. You could wear a glittery bag, decorative earrings, or standout shoes to give you an idea. But remember, it is important to only choose one focal piece, even with just accessories, to avoid an overdone appearance. 

Sequin Dress
Women's Fringed Short Suede Jacket In Boho Style

Welcome Movement

It is important to include movement in a balanced party outfit, and we aren’t talking about going for a run beforehand. If you’re wondering what to wear for New Year’s Eve, choosing a clothing item with feathers, fringe, or flow is sure to glitter and shine on the dance floor. Try opting for a fringe suede jacket or a dress with feather accents. 

Like choosing a focal point, you can follow this tip if you want to add movement to your outfit. Instead of getting movement in each piece, you can select one item to do the ‘dancing.’ Perhaps you will choose boots with fringe accents or a dress with feather trim. The movement trend is fun and allows you to express yourself while making a fashion statement.

And of Course, Sparkles

What says New Year’s Eve outfits better than sparkles? An embellished mini cocktail dress is a perfect choice for any occasion on December 31st. The key here is not to go overboard with accessories or shoes and make the dress center stage. You’ll want to grab some blush heels, nude lipstick, and a rose purse to complete your party look. 

There are some other ways you can incorporate sparkles into your New Year’s Eve party outfits. Perhaps you want to look a bit cooler and more understated. You can opt for a shimmering eyeshadow to compliment a sleek black tuxedo. Or, grab some sequin pants for an unusual twist on the glittery holiday trend.

Joanna Dress - Custom Made
Pink High Heels

Start Shopping!

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching sooner than you think, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate. Plan your fabulous outfit ahead of time by shopping at Moda Design District. We bring unique and independent designers together on our shopping platform in one simple place, so you have a hand-picked assortment.