What’s a fall day without the perfect hoodie to warm you up? There are many different types of hoodies and types of sweatshirts on the market. How do you know you’re picking the perfect one? Well, that’s really up to you. You can’t go wrong with designer hoodies, and we have all the perfect styles for you. Whether you’re looking for women’s hoodies or hoodies for men, Moda Design District has the latest cozy and trendy styles. 

Did you know that different styles of hoodies have been popping up since medieval times? Pop culture fanatics coined the term “hoodie” in the 90s, but various types of sweatshirts are a classic style. For example, monks were the first to wear a cowl neck style. Then hooded capes became popular for outdoor workers’ head protection. The film Rocky made the classic zip hoodie we know and love today iconic.

Cardigan Dafne
Echape Long Sleeve - Black

Since then, types of hoodies have become a worldwide trend and staple. You can’t go anywhere nowadays without spotting one on someone’s back. Also, matching loungewear sets are the latest in designer hoodie trends. 

There are now many different styles of hoodies. Learning more about the size, fit, and styles can streamline your loungewear shopping experience. Let’s dive into all the different types of hoodies fashion has to offer and the designer hoodies your wardrobe is missing. There’s a style for every occasion. 

Pullover Hoodie

A pullover hoodie is one of the many different styles of hoodies available. The simple style begins with the silhouette of a long sleeve shirt—a cowl forms around the neckline and transitions into a hoodie. Usually, there is a drawstring at the mouth of the hoodie so that you can adjust it accordingly. Also, there is typically a pouch for your hands at the bottom of the front. You can keep your hands warm or toss your keys into the pouch. 

A perk of pullover hoodies is that you do not have to worry about it coming unzipped since there is no zipper. Hence the name, you pull the hoodie over your head to wear it. This style of jacket is typically informal. If you’re looking for women’s hoodies, we have our eyes on this red pullover. But if you’re searching for hoodies for men, this pullover is sure to keep you warm.

Bordeaux Hoodie
Steampunk Set

Polo Hoodies

Polo hoodies are likely the most elevated and formal style available, and we are not talking about the brand. You can wear this style out to dinner or at some country clubs. What differentiates this style is the small fold at the front and center of the neckline. The style can either have a zip or not. These types of sweatshirts sometimes look like there is a shirt or collar underneath them. If you’re searching for women’s hoodies, you have to check out this breathable cotton sweater. 

White Hoodie

Slim-Fit Hoodies

We love slim-fit hoodies because they often make you look thinner. Some other sweatshirts can be very bulky and make us look bigger. Slim-fit sweatshirts do not contain nearly as much elastin as other hoodies on the market. The overall material is lighter, making this style ideal for warmer or transitional times of the year. Due to their lightweight nature, you can also always have a slim-fit hoodie in your tote, ready to layer when the AC is cranked a little too high. 

Unlike your traditional styles, the slim-fit fabric clings to your body more. Many athletic brands carry a variety of slim-fit hoodies. However, they can look very attractive on a day-to-day basis as well. They are the sexiest fitted jackets on the market. Since the material is a bit thinner, the style can also be more affordable. Are you looking for hoodies for men? Try out this modern and minimalist style. The fabric is ultra-smooth and environmentally sustainable. Want to know the best part? The sleeves are fitted with thumb holes.

Shanti Hoodie

Zip-Up Hoodie

We can thank Mark Zuckerberg for making the zip-up style an emblem of the 21st century. This style is one of the most popular sweatshirt options. The zip allows you to let in some air or completely cover up. It is highly versatile and comes in a variety of colors. Go for a gold or silver zipper. Then, you can find the fabric in just about any color you prefer.

A great fall outfit idea for women would be to pair your zip-up with some matching sweats and a cute crop top underneath. Wear it unzipped to show off your stylish top. Hayley Bieber and Kendall Jenner are some celebrities known for favoring this style. Out of all the women’s hoodies out there, zip-ups are our favorite because it takes a twist on the classic style. This red cropped jacket is perfect for those who want a bold and fiery hot look. Plus, the zipper goes from bottom to top.

Graphic Hoodie

This style has more to do with the design printed on the jacket rather than the overall structure. Whether you want to represent your favorite band, animal, or design, a graphic print is the way to go. In our menswear section, we have various options for graphic images on the loungewear of your choice. Our favorite graphic loungewear comes from the brand Sinners ‘n’ Saints. The company is all about expressing creativity through its designs. You can expect cool cutouts, bold colors, and eye-catching graphics. All of their designs are handcrafted in Europe. Check out their latest clothing drops by clicking here.

Fur Hood

A little bit different than the other sweatshirts we have mentioned today is a coat with a fur hood. Perfect for bundling up in the winter months, a fur hooded jacket will keep your head toasty warm. There are different variations of fur you can choose from. You can opt for a real fur option like fox or mink. Although, perhaps you prefer vegan fur. There are many faux fur options out there that are just as luxurious and warm as real fur.

Rain Hoodie

Don’t ruin your hair by getting stuck in the rain without a trench coat or impermeable jacket fitted with a hood. If you live in a rainy climate, this pick is a must to survive the season. Our favorite rainwear designer this season is Ducktail rainwear. Their modern designs come in almost every color of the rainbow. The brand has a particularly joyful purpose. Their mission is to brighten up rain clouds with their fun, multicolored designs. Check out this emerald green flare raincoat.

Fur Jacket Juicy Mix Tailor-Made
Women's Flare Raincoat - Recycled Materials

Are you looking for the perfect sweatshirt or coat with a hood? Cover up your head, whether shielding from the rain, warming up, or following the latest trends. At Moda Design District, our mission is to bring together independent designers with unique, sustainable, and luxury collections. We put the hottest of international fashion into one place to streamline your shopping experience.