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Whether you want to have a Sex and the City wedding dress or have a wardrobe fit for one of the SATC stars, MODA Design District offers an array of high fashion options. Look like you just walked out of a SATC film set by following our beloved Manhattan feminine style guide.

As a series that logs the dating habits of the N.Y.C. singles and hyper trendy style, every time there was a wedding, fans were thrilled. Weddings gave hope to singles and, if not anything else than gorgeous gowns to ogle at

Charlotte Sex and The City Wedding Dress 

Charlotte’s two wedding dresses were every bit as classy as she was. Charlotte’s character is effervescent. She is always bubbly, bright, and full of optimism. She is a loyal friend and tends to see the best in people.

Wedding of Charlotte and Trey in the Sex and the City

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Charlotte Sex and The City Wedding Dress: Marriage to Trey MacDougal

For her first wedding, Charlotte wanted everything to go as perfectly as possible. She even staged a second engagement to get glamorous photos in front of Tiffany and Co. so the couple would have a better story to tell their future children. 

Naturally, her dress was traditional and lavish. She selected a lace strapless Vera Wang with a ball gown skirt, train, and complete veil.

Wedding of Charlotte and Harry in the Sex and the City

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Charlotte Sex and The City Wedding Dress: Marriage to Harry Goldenblatt

When things went south with MacDougal, Charlotte fell in love with her divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt. For her second wedding, Charlotte went with a much more nuanced and elegant look. Her cap-sleeved sheath dress was curve-hugging and decorated with delicate lace. 

The neckline featured a criss-cross detail, and she went with a simpler, shorter veil.

The irony of Charlotte’s second wedding was that everything that could go wrong did. As Charlotte was in full panic mode, Carrie calmed her friend down by saying, “Look at your wedding with Trey: Wedding was perfect; the marriage was terrible.”

Wedding of Miranda and Steve in the Sex and the City

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Sex and the City Miranda Wedding Dress

Miranda’s wedding dress was atypical of traditional wedding style. The fierce lawyer wore a burgundy velvet skirt suit paired with a layered beaded necklace to marry her boyfriend, Steve Brady. She had a small and intimate ceremony at a community garden.

Wedding of Carrie and Mr. Big in the Sex and the City

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Sex and the City Movie Wedding Dress

On Carrie’s first attempt at marrying Mr. Big, she literally put a bird on her head. The ceremony was to take place at the New York Public Library. Vogue did a profile of Carrie and her upcoming ceremony, featuring her photos in the most dreamy wedding dresses.

One in particular by designer Vivienne Westwood stuck out the most. Before the profile, Carrie would wear a simple label-less suit until the designer herself gifted Carrie the gown. However, the fairytale Sex and the City movie wedding dress may have been the reason her prince bolted. 

The Vogue article and designer gown made the wedding high profile making Carrie up the guest list from 75 to 400. Big did not want to do a big wedding from the get-go, and the buzz definitely caused him anxiety about the marriage. He ditched out on the event and left Carrie at the altar.

Carrie in the Iconic Sex and the City Newspaper Dress

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Sex and the City Newspaper Dress

Carrie wore the iconic Sex and the City Newspaper dress, and only true stans will remember the unforgettable look. The dress was worn twice by the fierce and fabulous Bradshaw.

John Galliano designed the stunning dress for Dior’s 2000s collection. The print has trickled-down from the runways into department stores and now even on fast fashion websites.

The Actresses From the Sex and the City Walk the Streets of New York

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Dress like a SATC Star

You could argue that any one of the four best friends could take the cake for best dressed. They all always look effortlessly chic and on-trend. Each woman, though, has a carefully curated personality that shines through her individual wardrobe.

Sex and the City Samantha Style

Samantha Jones's Outfits

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Think power suits. Samantha is out-spoken and sexually empowering. Most of her storyline revolves around her frequent partners. She is self-proclaimed “try-sexual,” meaning she will try everything at least once. She is confrontational and highly protective of her friends.

To mimic Sex and the City Samantha style, think bold colors. She is also known for short dresses, especially the LBD, tight clothing, and high heels. Her structured and glamorous work wardrobe could transition into an outfit fit for fashion week. 

Shop for a wardrobe suitable for Samantha by looking for color-blocked suits, chunky accessories, and short, sparkly party dresses. 

Mint Suit
Royal Porcelain Jewelry Set
Cocktail Mini Wrap Beige Sequin Party Dress

Sex and the City Miranda Style

Miranda's Outfits

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Sex and the City Miranda Style was the epitome of the modern-day career women. Her no-fuss attire was realistic to what we see in comparable working women’s styles. 

Nobody did formal attire quite like Miranda, and her array of suits are here for proof. Dress like Miranda by seeking out some fabulous suit sets, sharp jumpsuits, and cozy turtlenecks.

Woman's Hand-Painted Black Suit -Golden Ratio Collection
Amona Jumpsuit
Cardigans Dress

Sex and the City Charlotte Style

Charlotte's Outfits

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Charlotte’s wardrobe will pass the test of time. Her classic style aligns with her prima persona and matching outfits. She wore the tried and true like Chanel suits and DVF wrap dresses, but the actress also played with fun prints and bright colors.

To recreate Sex and the City Charlotte Style, you will want to find an outfit that alludes to the femininity and strength of Elizabeth Taylor. Charlotte did headbands and pearls way before Blair Waldorf. Channel your inner preppy fem style with a headband. Finally, to complete your Charlotte-inspired wardrobe, you will need a classic floral midi.

Onda Dress
Black Silk With Pearls
Adele Dress

Sex and the City Carrie Style

Carrie's Outfits

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Think effortless, sexy, and heels, always. The star is known for her love of slip dresses and hyper-feminine attire, from tutus to couture. Bradshaw’s character was not one to follow the fashion status quo. She wore bold and brave looks that are still beloved today. 

Channel your inner Sex and the City Carrie style by finding the perfect slip dress, strappy heels, and a floral midi similar to her outfit in episode 18, season 3, when she took a dip into the Central Park boating pond.

Khloe Drress
Crystal High Heels
Orchid Dress

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