Are you an aspiring fashionista looking for the latest street style for 2022? Look no further; you are in the right spot. We have looked high and low, paid close attention to the steaming runways of the biggest brands, and taken note of what the hottest celebrities are wearing. That is how this ultimate list of the must-know styles for 2022 was born. 

In this article, you will learn about the upcoming trends for fall streetwear as well as what not to wear. Get ready for mixing and matching patterns, experimenting with neutral tones, and playing around with layers.

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With that in mind, here is the fiercest street style for 2022 you won’t want to miss. Take out a pen and paper and keep reading the greatest upcoming fall streetwear.

Street Style 2022: Top 10 Must-Needs

Here they are, the trends you have eagerly been waiting for. From Instagram and TikTok feeds to the coolest street style inspo, these are the ten aesthetics and garments we have spotted. Whether you are into women’s designer clothing or accessories, you will fall in love.

Besides that, we are sure these pieces will be a HUGE HIT this season. Trust us; you may want to buy everything from this list!

Spice It Up with Cut-Out Tops

This season, dare to be bold. For starters, check out the cut-out top trend. Anyone looking to slay the streets and feel like the Queen of Confidence will want to get this must-have. You can try creating an office-ready ensemble by pairing it up with a suit. Or go the casual route and put on a pair of denim jeans.

But what if a cut-out top is not your thing? Go with a staple crop top! This crop top in black is essential in every girl’s closet, and it is an excellent way to stay fashionable without revealing too much skin.

Crop Top

Layer Up and Stay Warm

You can effortlessly create fashionable fall streetwear outfits by adding layers on top. For example, mix and match with a hand-knitted wool cardigan, or throw on your favorite sweater. Considering how unpredictable fall weather can be, you will need it.

Salzburg - Hand Knitted Wool Cocoon Cardigan - Licorice

Try the Color Blocking Trend

The days of worrying about coordinating colors are long gone. Based on the newest styles for 2022, this fall season, we are experimenting with different color combinations. Think bold greens and canary yellow or hot pink and bright orange. Although color blocking may seem intimidating to some, the key is not to overthink! For example, you can create countless fall streetwear outfits with just a pair of high-quality trousers in an exciting color. You will love the look of these Electric Blue Twill Joggers paired up with a neon red shirt or blazer. Although traditionalists will say that red and blue are no-gos, this cannot be further away from the truth! Embrace new fall style trends and try out previously “taboo” color combinations.

Electric Blue Twill Joggers

Fall in Love with Corset Belts

Corset belts have been a recurring trend in the fashion industry, and this season, it’s going to make a comeback. This stunning waist-snatching accessory works well with a wide range of fall streetwear outfits, making it a crucial addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. Best of all, your shopping options are almost endless! You can find an array of designs, from classic to more intricate. If you are ready to experiment, take a look at this jaw-dropping Corsette Belt with floral details. Not only will it make your shape more flattering by accentuating your natural curves, but the delicate details add a hefty dose of irresistible femininity.

Corsette Belt With Floral Details

Country Chic Hats

Elevate your fall streetwear outfits the simplest way possible – put on your favorite hat. This ultra-versatile accessory looks good on everyone who wants to play around with the “country chic” look or the “girl next door” aesthetic. You can easily pair this accessory with a simple outfit for casual brunch or try color blocking. Best yet, try putting on a pair of leather boots – every cowboy’s heart will ache upon seeing you!

Nevertheless, due to the wide selection of styles available, finding the right hat can be daunting. Consider this handmade Hevik Couture Nikki hat made from the highest-quality wool. 


Cute Fringes Oh My

Speaking of country chic, fringes are back in style! This season, you will see plenty of fall streetwear outfits revolving around fringes, whether on a jacket, such as this Women’s Fringed Short Suede Jacket in Boho Style, on boots, or on dresses. The best thing about fringing is that it gives an added interest to your aesthetic without going overboard. You can also easily blend this look with other fall style trends such as cowboy hats, chunky sunglasses, or staple totes. Toy around with movement and texture and be SEEN.

Women's Fringed Short Suede Jacket In Boho Style

Head to Toe Denim Fall Street Wear Has Arrived

It’s true; the double-denim trend can look tacky sometimes. But when styled correctly, it can give you an incredible look. This fall season, choose quality jeans paired with an oversized denim jacket. Better yet, consider this Camélle Black Collar Oversized Denim Coat for a more attention-grabbing appearance. 

If you enjoy the ’60s aesthetic, opt for a mini skirt, stockings, and a long denim coat. Don’t worry; you can also mix various fabric tones for a more elaborate, runway-ready look. Once known as the “Canadian tuxedo,” is now one of the coolest styles for 2022.

Camélle Black Collar Oversized Denim Coat

Barbie-Approved Hot Pink Coats

With the cooler weather rolling in, everyone needs a warm and fashionable coat in their fall streetwear collection. Even though the staple beige or camel coat such as this Timeless Icon Camel Wool-Blend Coat remains a classic for street style 2022, a pop of bright color will make you look even more fashion-forward and fearless. Enter the beige coat’s eccentric cousin, the hot pink coat. If you don’t know where to look for the perfect coat, take a glance at this Long Bright Coat 5092.

Timeless Icon Camel Wool-Blend Coat
Long Bright Coat 5092

Heels Heels Heels!

A good pair of heels will make you feel like the ultimate baddie. No matter which style you choose, stick to a comfortable pair – you will want shoes that are not only fashionable but also durable and easy to walk in. Customers rave about these Vegas Suede High Heels in Ruby Red. The stunning bold red choice is also ideal for the popular color-blocking trend!

Vegas Suede High Heels In Ruby Red

Green is Always In

We recommend accessorizing with a beautiful satin bag such as this Dafne Green detachable wooden bag by Dižar. Here is why. 

The color green represents renewal and growth, and that is exactly what you need to be doing with your fall outfits: try out new things. Although there is nothing wrong with sticking with staples such as black, white, and beige, you will likely look more fashionable in an all-green ensemble!

Dafne Green

From the streets of Fashion Week to the pages of the biggest influencers on Instagram, green is everywhere! Be it emerald or lime; this tone is a favorite of big names such as Bottega Veneta. Welcome the color green with arms wide open!

Overall, those were the newest and greatest style trends for this fall. We are sure people will stop you on the street to ask you if you are a celebrity. And we all know you are!

If you are a trendsetter on a budget looking for unique pieces, we have got you covered. Shop at Moda Design and find some of the most exciting and versatile clothing staples for fall 2022.