What is an OOTD?

An outfit of the day, otherwise known as a #OOTD, is your look for the day. The phrase became popular when influencers began to post mirror selfies of their outfits. These snapshots have become all the rage because they provide excellent outfit inspiration. 

It can be hard to achieve the best outfit of the day when your mornings are jam-packed and filled with prepping for the busy day ahead.

Outfit of the Day Blog

Moda Design District is here to make your life easier and achieve outfits that beat the competing fashion of the day. We have created this streamlined outfit of the day blog filled with the best outfit of the day ideas to make your #OOTD prep work seamless. 

How To Achieve Ootd Status

You’re going to need a solid collection of staple pieces along with statement and trend main attractions. You don’t want to go overboard with trends and mix pieces that do not go together. Keep it with a raw canvas and one or two wow pieces to showcase. The right combination is what makes an outfit look effortless, elegant, and in style. 

Use Our Outfit of the Day Blog

So, you’re ready to have the best fashion of the day look in your office, but you are not sure how to get there. Maybe every once in a while, you feel as confident as Beyoncé in a fierce and trendy outfit. While other days, you may feel drab or unoriginal. 

The goal here is to extend that sought-after outfit of the day confidence to every day of the week.

You want your look to be day-to-day appropriate without being too overwhelming with unmanageable trends. Aim for something nuanced. A subtle approach is sure to help you achieve that effortless yet put-together look.

The Bones 

We are going to start basic. You will want to fill your wardrobe with some neutral tones and fundamental pieces that make up the best outfits of the day. Principal elements make outfits cohesive and avoid busy, unmanageable variety.

  • Jeans. Easier said than done. We all probably have a pair of jeans. But, be honest. Do they fit correctly? Are you stuck in the way too skinny and low-rise 2000s of denim? You want your pair of staple jeans to be the right size and comfortable. The baggy look, think mom jeans, is all the rage, so sizing up can be a bit more comfortable while still in trend. 
    • What goes into finding the best pair of jeans? It all depends on what you feel comfortable in. Once you find that trusty style, begin to build upon it. Don’t reinvent the wheel here. Start a collection of your favorite style and size in different washes and tones. Beige tan color jeans are trending this spring and summer. 
Women's Fit Mom Blue Jeans With Hand Painted Pocket
Jeans Yoko
  • Simple tops. Simple tops are for your more modern pants days. It’s all about balance. Don’t get caught up in buying all statement pieces because you will find nothing matches. We all have had that dreadful moment, undressed, staring at our filled closet with the overwhelming feeling of having absolutely nothing to wear. A simple top is your solution in this anxious moment. 
    • Reach for that white blouse that hugs you in the most flattering way. Pair it with the trendy pants you’ve been waiting to wear but didn’t quite know how to wear. Then BAM, your OOTD is on a great starting track.
Handwoven Dogon Top
Steet Jogging - Light Jean
  • The LBD. Do not underestimate the powers of the beloved little black dress. It will match everything and give you the chicest look wherever you plan to go. 
Thick Stripes Knit Dress Black
Khloe Drress
  • A solid trouser or skirt. You will want a basic suit skirt or simple trousers for the days you have to dress up or achieve a business casual look
Alka Pants
Banna Skirt
  • Easy jackets. Is the air conditioning cranked up at your workplace, or maybe there’s an awful draft? Possibly, you start your day so early the morning chill needs the comfort of a great jacket. 
    • Simple jackets match all your outfits and will have you out the door in a timely fashion. The worst feeling is when you are all ready to go, but the weather does not match your day’s outfit.
    • Get yourself out of the door quickly while maintaining your fashion-forward look with a chic blazer or uncomplicated leather jacket. A simple trench can do wonders. If a coat is a bit too heavy for the current weather, a light button-down serves as a groundbreaking jacket alternative—the result is season-appropriate comfort and chicness. Don’t freeze yourself out. 
Ego Jacket
White Mo-Biker Jacket
Exode Trench Coat - White
Salvador Shirt

Now for the fun part: Outfit of the Day Ideas

Now that you have the perfect canvas for any statement piece you want to combine with your fit, you are ready to achieve the best outfit of the day. Find your fashion of the day by pairing your stand-out item or two with the simple pieces we have mentioned above. 

Trends come and go, but basics last a lifetime. Make trendy pieces last even longer by pairing them with more spartan companions. 

  • A Statement Jacket. Maybe it’s one of those days where you tossed on your favorite simple jeans with a neutral-toned tee. A lot is going on in your life, and you didn’t have the time to orchestrate something spicy.

 Level up your outfit of the day by layering a stand-out jacket. We love the look of pairing a sequin bomber with jeans and a plain tee. It looks like you’re walking out of a magazine, masking your basic look. 

Another fabulous way to amp your basic top and jeans moment is a colored blazer. Colored blazers are very much in-trend right now. You are sure to look effortlessly professional and chic but yet still youthful, and in the times with a pop of color.

Mint Suit
Orange Suit
  • Statement dress. Now is the time to utilize one of the simple jackets mentioned earlier and pair it with a fun dress. Summertime is looming. Show off your tan or enjoy the sunny forecast in a trendy dress. A colorful mini is youthful and all the rage this season.  
    • Not to mention how easy it is to wear a dress. Just a singular piece, without the stress of other moving parts. Find yourself hashtagging OOTD in your next selfie in a photogenic patterned mini dress. 
Thin Stripes Mini Dress Yellow
Leopard Dress

Accessorize to stand out. A chic chunky jewelry set, eye-catching high heels, or a colorful tote will complete your outfit of the day. Accessories can bring that simple look to the next level.

Royal Porcelain Jewelry Set
Angel High Heels
Trapeze Shape
  • Tie your look together with a modish hat. Wear an enviable belt to extenuate your waist in that little black dress. The world is your oyster, and accessories make your outfit suitable for the crowned outfit of the day status all the influencers try to achieve. 
Belt Avril

Moda Design District has a passion for fashion. Our goal is to be your virtual personal stylist. We want to help you achieve confidence in your everyday outfits while helping you discover enviable trends and artistic designers. 

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