Fashion on Netflix

Searching to update your wardrobe? Look no further than your favorite Netflix series. These shows are worth more than a binge session. Use Netflix for fashion. 

What does it take to be a celebrity stylist? Do you want to dress like one of the stars on your favorite show? Read more to learn about fashion Netflix and the industry’s leading retail brands.

Fashion Shows on Netflix

Netflix has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a groundbreaking documentary or a trendy new original filled with fresh fits, you are sure to find a show you like that also inspires your wardrobe. 

Fashion Movies on Netflix

Some of the best fashion movies on Netflix are Crazy Stupid Love, I Care a Lot and Moxie. The movies are seriously fashion shows on Netflix.

  • Crazy Stupid Love is a classic of the fashion movies on Netflix. Watch how Ryan Gosling reinvents Steeve Carell’s wardrobe and helps him refind his manhood and confidence to win back the love of his life.
  • I Care a Lot is another must-see of fashion movies on Netflix. Rosamund Pike nails the crazy lead almost as effortlessly as she did in Gone Girl. While sitting at the edge of your seat, you will probably notice yourself envying Pikes’s amazing wardrobe in the movie. Expect to see monochrome suits, bold colors, and sharp styling.
  • Moxie is full of fun teen feminine style. Feel both empowered and inspired to update your wardrobe with youthful leather jackets and comfy clothes.

ANNA TIM | 3 Piece Suit


Best Fashion Documentaries on Netflix

The best fashion documentaries on Netflix are McQueen, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, and Maddman: The Steve Madden Story.

  • McQueen is one of the best fashion documentaries on Netflix because it is about the iconic designer Alexander McQueen’s life. Get ready for exclusive interviews and fashion archives. The stunning visuals are sure to inspire your wardrobe with creativity.
  • Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer will enlighten you on how the small-town Missouri designer became the Moschino Creative Director. Expect to see exclusive interviews from Hollywood favorites like Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and more.
  • Maddman: The Steve Madden Story on Netflix is another one of the best fashion documentaries on Netflix. Learn about how the footwear mogul went from selling footwear out of the back of his tuck to creating a billion-dollar empire. 
Courtesy of NETFLIX

Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX

The Crown Netflix

The Crown Netflix has the most incredible and regal costuming. The outfits in the show are inspired and almost replicate the royal ensembles worn in real life. 

When the show featured Queen Elizabeth’s wedding, the costume team wanted the dress to be portrayed as accurately as possible. There were so many published photos of the real dress as well. It took the team nearly eight weeks to complete the design. Take a trip down fashion history when you queue up The Crown Netflix.


Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX

The Queen’s Gambit

Star Anya Taylor-Joy just won the Golden Globe for best actress in her portrayal of Beth in The Queen’s Gambit. The show is about a chess prodigy who battles an addiction to sedatives that originated from medicinal misuse in her orphanage. She also develops an extreme alcohol dependency but battles her struggles by focusing on chess. 

Aside from the luring storyline and incredible acting, The Queen’s Gambit has incredible costumes, and apart from the storyline, Beth spends all her money on clothing. Expect to see elegant 60s feminine fashion filled with geometric prints, dainty necklines, and class when you watch The Queen’s Gambit.

Hand-Painted And Pleated Dress- Collection Ray Charles

GUFO WEAR | Hand-Painted And Pleated Dress- Collection Ray Charles

The Olivia Black And White Dress

K.KRISTINA | The Olivia Black And White Dress

Courtesy of NETFLIX

Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris was made by the same fashion moguls who created Sex and the City. With this fact, it is no surprise that the show’s costumes are trendy, feminine, and fun. The show is surrounded by Lily Collins’ character Emily. A non-french-speaking marketing executive who moves to Paris from Chicago.

Emily makes an Instagram account called Emily in Paris. The account goes viral, and Emily becomes a style influencer with her envious #OOTD snaps and creative content that stands out. Watch her wardrobe transform into an approachable take on Parisian style.

Checkered Blazer With Leather Inserts

ANNA TIM | Checkered Blazer With Leather Inserts

Poppy Lou Jacket


Courtesy of NETFLIX

Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX

Bridgerton Series

You must jump on The Bridgerton Series bandwagon, if not for amazing content, then for the incredible costumes. The show is about courting season in London. The women of age do everything they can to snatch the best husband. Everything goes smooth until a gossip column of sorts mixes things up.

You’ll definitely want to add some elegance to your wardrobe. The show can be described as a regal take on Gossip girl meeting Jane Austin. Expect to see the London Elite sporting dreamy ballroom garb fit for a queen on the Bridgerton series.

Romantic Violet Dress 5097

OLEN ADATS | Romantic Violet Dress 5097

Rosetta Dress

SOPHY G | Rosetta Dress

Courtesy of NETFLIX

Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX

Modern Family Netflix

Modern Family Netflix is a sitcom that is told from the point of view of a documentary filmmaker. The series offers a hilarious approach to typical family life. Aside from the humor, the eleven series show has some great wardrobe inspiration. One of our favorites is Sofía Vergara’s iconic character, Gloria.

Gloria Modern Family. Gloria can be arguably labeled one of the sexiest and funniest moms on television. Gloria is often seen wearing bright colors, animal prints, and v-necks. Watch Modern Family to learn how to recreate Vergara’s sexy looks. 

Basic Rib Bodysuit Ecru

SAINT BODY | Basic Rib Bodysuit Ecru

Rose Dress

COSEL | Rose Dress

Courtesy of 20th Television (now Disney-ABC Domestic Television)

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Television (now Disney-ABC Domestic Television)

How I Met Your Mother Fashion

How I Met your Mother Fashion is iconic. You may find yourself wanting to recreate your character’s favorite looks after just one season. How I Met Your Mother is about how the main character Ted Mosby finds love. Each episode is a sort of lesson he resights to his children in explaining how he met their mother. The mother isn’t revealed until the season finale.

Each character’s personality is reflected through their personal style. The stylist Reiko Schoenfeld Kurumada did an exemplary job defining How I Met your Mother fashion. For example, Ted is a hopeless romantic and a bit nerdy. These personality traits shine through his wardrobe.

Oversize Blazer

MARIAOSSABA | Oversize Blazer

Asymmetric Chocolate Midi Skirt

ANNA TIM | Asymmetric Chocolate Midi Skirt

Courtesy of NETFLIX

Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX

Suits on Netflix

Suits on Netflix is about a swanky corporate law firm set in fictional New York City. The main character Mike Ross works as an associate despite never attending law school. Suits’ storyline is just about as smart, sexy, and sophisticated as the wardrobe the charters wear. 

We all know and love Megan Markle. Her character, paralegal Rachel Zane has a very neo-Elizabethan look. Her style is both powerful and represents her upbringing. Catch Zane sporting floral-print tops, smart skirt suits, and power suits. Suits on Netflix is sure to inspire your work wardrobe.

Black Suit


Banna Skirt


How to Get Away with Murder TV Show

Created by: Peter Nowalk

How To Get Away With Murder Fashion

How to Get Away with Murder is about a group of law students who work closely with their professors to solve criminal cases. One case, in particular, draws a sensitive topic for some of the characters, and the narrative unfolds with drama and crime. Aside from the suspenseful plot, How to Get Away with Murder fashion is definitely underrated.

  • Annalise Keating’s style is undoubtedly powerful. The complicated character has a messy private life, but she is always put perfectly together from full make-up, hair, and outfit. Her courtroom and office dresses are fashion-forward and fitted while flattering her curvy figure.
  • Connor Walsh is the fashion guy of the show. He often wears tight-fitting clothing, fitted jackets, and cropped pants that show off his ankles. Think Sandro to All Saints for Walsh’s How to Get Away with Murder fashion.
Scolare Bomber Jacket

JENOLO STAR | Scolare Bomber Jacket

Miranda Butterfly

COSEL | Miranda Butterfly

Money Heist
Photo: Atresmedia Vancouver Media

Money Heist Netflix

Money Heist Netflix is about two elaborate heists coordinated by Álvaro Morte. He robs money from banks while following a code not to harm people in the process. The fast-paced show is said to be addictive for its adrenaline-inflicting behavior.

The Money Heist robbers wear gawky purge-like masks and red jumpsuits. The look is completed with black combat boots and a handgun holster.

The color red is frequent on Money Heist Netflix. Red is a symbol of death, love, and resistance. Fashion can represent political pursuits and democracy, as seen in Money Heist Netflix. 

Nomi Jumpsuit

NOMI FAME | Nomi Jumpsuit

Satin Long Dress Red


Courtesy of NETFLIX

Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX

Peaky Blinders Fashion

Peaky Blinders is about a gangster Irish family set in England around 1919. Tommy Shelby is the clever boss who directs the ambitious gang members. Peaky Blinders fashion aligns with classic menswear of early England post-WWI. The gang members must wear a three-piece suit along with laced boots, a newsboy cap, a detachable collar shirt, and an overcoat. 

Peaky Blinders fashion is classic, vintage, and rustic. It represents formal menswear and the class system.

Borrdoo Newsboy Cap Cashmere Turquoise

BORRDOO FASHION | Borrdoo Newsboy Cap Cashmere Turquoise

Borrdoo Modern Waistcoat Black&White
BORRDOO FASHION | Borrdoo Modern Waistcoat Black&White

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