The handbag trends for 2022 are finally here, and we love them! If you are looking for the latest and greatest bag trends for fall and winter, you are in the right spot. We’ve looked high and low, asked a bunch of experts, and observed the runways to bring you the ultimate list of handbag trends for this year. Are you a fashionista looking to spice up your wardrobe with the most unique designs? Do you want to make your collection of handbags even more impressive? You’ll find everything you need and more in this article. That said, if you are on the hunt for the most one-of-a-kind women’s bags, check out Moda Design’s newest collection. You’ll come across some of the most diverse styles of clothing pieces and accessories on the fashion market. 

That said, what are the handbag trends for 2022? What are some hot tips and tricks you can implement today to make your wardrobe shine? Keep reading to find out.

The Top Handbag Trends for 2022

Hot pink, soft pastel, minimalism, maximalism – the style choices for this year’s purses are almost endless. Check out the hottest style trends for 2022. Stay chic and different. Shop at Moda Design for the most unique clothing pieces from the best fashion designers.

The Classic Bucket Bag

Embrace the classic appeal and get noticed immediately with a beautiful bucket bag. Some handbag styles like the signature “bucket” remain staples on the runways of the most famous fashion designers, and there’s a good reason why. Although their compact design may make you believe that they are non-practical, this is far from the truth! In reality, most of these trending bags are very roomy and make for the ideal day-to-night purse. For the most sophisticated look, we recommend choosing a bucket bag in pastel or natural colors, such as beige or nude. Alternatively, you can go for a tote with a similar design such as this AETER Cube Small Tote Bag in Camel. It’s big enough to hold all of your valuables without compromising the high-end look of the bucket.

Cube Small Tote Bag Camel
Love Bag

The Clubbing Bag

Every girl needs to have a fun “party bag,” just in case you want to go out for a drink or two with friends. Aesthetically, you’ll want to go for glittery and glam – of course, without skimping on functionality! Unfortunately, many party bags just look amazing, but they are typically very small and not roomy enough. If you are looking for fabulous handbag styles that will hold more than one lipstick, go for something like the KATIA’S BOUTIQUE Love Bag in Multicolor. Not only is this bag special due to its showstopping sparkly design, but it also has sufficient space for all of your “must-have clubbing” items, and more. It’s also a suitable choice for people looking for handbag styles made from 100 percent vegan leather.

Supersized Tote Bags

You like oversized tote bags, and you are not ashamed to admit it. And what’s wrong with needing a big handbag to fit all of your necessities and more? If you are on the hunt for the hottest trending purses, check out this CONTENT NOT FOUND Omega 1a Grey in Gray. It’s the perfect choice if you are always on the go and you need to carry tons of things. All of your belongings will fit in this tote. Laptop, makeup bag, keys, and anything you can imagine. Besides being ultra-roomy, oversized tote bags like the Omega 1a Grey are stylish and classic. It’s made from the highest-quality vegetable-tanned leather for bold style icons.

Omega 1a Grey
Fairies・ Trumpet

The 90s-Inspired Sillhouette Bag

Get ready for a blast from the past and travel back to the 90s with the hottest bag trends. The MY STORY AND I Fairies Trumpet bag in Grey is the perfect example of what you should be on the lookout for. The 90s-inspired silhouette is minimal and chic, and you’ll get noticed anywhere you go. This specific bag is created from top-grade smooth leather and embellished with gold hardware for an added glamourous touch. Handbag styles like the 90s-inspired purse have been spotted on runways since the beginning of 2022, so it’s safe to say that this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Cool Geometric Shapes

Nothing screams unique and fashionable like purse styles designed in obscure geometric shapes. Whether you choose a whacky shape or something like the NATALIA BERILO Yellow Flat Hexacube, you won’t go wrong. The timeless design of the NATALIA BERILO bag is minimalist and extremely classy. If you want to elevate your style without going the extra mile and doing “too much,” choosing a geometric-shaped bag is a perfect choice. Besides its stylish shape, we also enjoy the Flat Hexacube’s color choice. It’s available in a rich and luxurious deep purple, fit for royalty. Stay tuned for this bag and many other upcoming purse styles for 2022.

Leather Handbag Yellow Flat Hexacube
Emma Bag

The Details Matter

Gold chains, studs, sparkle – the details are what make different handbag styles unique. For instance, take a look at the HÉLÈNE LITORELLE Emma Bag in Multicolor. There are many things that we adore about this design. Besides its obvious vintage aesthetic that every fashion enthusiast will be obsessed with, it’s classy and versatile. The delicate gold chain makes it easy to wear on your shoulder or as a cross-body. But you can also grab the handles to switch things up. If you love bag trends from the past spiced up with interesting details, you’ll want to grab a purse like this.

An Elegant Clutch for All Formal Occasions

With the holiday season slowly rolling in, you’ll want to look for trending purses like the MY STORY AND I A Kitten S Wish in Animal. We love this design because you can pair it up with any clothing piece, whether it is a tuxedo or a delicate dress. It’s embroidered with lux pansy illustrations and combined with a pen and card holder for functionality. Shop for trending purses that are versatile because you’ll get more value out of them. Although many of these designs come with a high price point, it’s worth it if you can mix and match them for different occasions. For instance, you can pair the A Kitten S Wish with high heels and a romantic dress for a stroll at the park or throw on some jeans and a shirt for casual brunch with friends.

A Kitten・S Wish

Style Diversity for Budget Buyers

Invest your money in a high-quality bag that you can wear all year round. For instance, this MY STORY AND I Soul in Blue is a fantastic choice for fashionistas on a budget. Not only is it affordable, but it is also versatile and suitable for different settings and occasions. For example, you can choose to keep the crossbody strap for an “on the go” look or remove it for more diversity. It looks good with a dress, a suit, or just in plain jeans! The bold embroidered details give it a stunning appearance, fit for only people with exquisite taste.

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