Get the hottest lingerie and seduce your partner, or even better, YOURSELF! Check out the latest pieces to spice up your wardrobe and elevate your look to feel confident, sexy, and empowered. Because trending lingerie is just that – an excellent tool to boost your self-confidence and make you feel like the boss that you are. We’ve compiled a list of the ultimate lingerie styles for all taste preferences, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are petite or bigger, you will find something for yourself. That said, check out Moda Design for the hottest lingerie and the latest trends and designs. Embrace your inner bombshell and get ready to feel your best in 2022. Keep reading for the rest.

The Hottest Lingerie for 2022

Here’s what you want to keep your eyes peeled out for this year.

Delicate Designs for Lovers of Romantic Looks

This year, choose trending lingerie in romantic and feminine designs such as the CHERRY LINGERIE Set Dear Ex. This set will make all of your exes scream in agony. It’s sexy, see-through, and classic. Since it’s made from the highest-quality elastic tulle, this lingerie set will feel soft next to your skin, and wearing it will be a breeze. The cute tufts make it irresistible! Because it’s only available up to a medium in size, we’d recommend it for petite and medium-sized women on the lookout for the hottest lingerie.

Set Dear Ex...
Set Tirquoise

Add Some Color

Although classic white and black are a staple when it comes to trending lingerie, this year, we recommend choosing colorful pieces. For instance, check out this CHERRY LINGERIE Set TURQUOISE in Black. The fine details and the added burst of color make this lingerie set a true must-have for ladies with a bubbly personality. Besides looking fun, it’s also super comfortable. Speaking of comfort, go with lingerie styles that are mostly lycra. In this case, the CHERRY LINGERIE Set is made from 90 percent lycra and 10 percent elastic lace for women who want to prioritize comfort without skimping on the sex appeal.

Peekaboo Styles for Daring Ladies

This 2022 trending lingerie is all about showing some skin. For example, this CHERRY LINGERIE Set Audrey – Light Pink is just what we’re talking about. Although it does not leave much to the imagination, it’s still bold and ultra-seductive. Whether you are planning to wear something mesmerizing for your relationship anniversary, or just for yourself, trending lingerie like the Set Audrey is the right choice for you. Again, it’s purely created from premium elastic tulle for comfort and aesthetic appeal. The Brazilian model’s lower part will accentuate your toosh and make it look even better.

Set Audrey - Light Pink
Set L’amour

Viva La Moulin Rouge

There are few things that are as hot as halters. If you want the most enticing lingerie styles, consider the CHERRY LINGERIE Set L’amour in Black. This tempting style will make your partner have dirty thoughts immediately. It’s bold, seductive, and, most importantly, comfortable! Although it does not look like it, trendy lingerie like the Set L’Amour fits nicely on all body types, and they accentuate your natural curves. This set will hug your body in all the right spots, showcasing all of your lovely feminine features. It is composed of 80 percent elastic tulle, which makes it stretchy and form-fitting. Pick trendy lingerie with halters if you want an instant confidence boost. You can even wear it to the office underneath your business clothes – no one has to know, and you’ll have that “inner glow”. Shop at Moda Design to find some of the most eye-catching designs for ladies with the best fashion sense.

Light Silk Dress

No list of lingerie trends would be complete without featuring a light and captivating silk dress. Although some women don’t automatically think of a dress when it comes to lingerie pieces, they often serve the same purpose. A perfect example of these lingerie trends is the FOO TOKYO Silk Dress in Charcoal Grey. The fabric is pleasant and plush. It’s made from top-grade unprocessed mulberry organic silk, so it will feel lush against your skin. Best of all, lingerie styles that are like the FOO TOKYO Silk Dress suit all body shapes and sizes. So, if you are a curvy fashionista looking for trendy lingerie to feel good and look good, a silk dress is always a good choice.

Silk Dress - Charcoal Gray
Silk Camisole Charcoal Gray

Comfort Comes First

There’s one rule for trendy lingerie – it has to make you feel good. We’re not just talking about the effects of looking into the mirror and being happy with your reflection. The best lingerie out there has to be skin-friendly, hug you in the right spots, and preferably be a bit loose (for when you’re on your period and feeling bloated!). Luckily, the FOO TOKYO Silk Camisole in Charcoal Gray ticks all of these boxes. Unlike some trendy lingerie pieces that feel “too tight,” this camisole from organic mulberry silk is adjustable and functional. It’s also versatile, so you can mix and match it depending on the season you’re in. For instance, wear it with long pants or shorts.

Stick with the Basics

Often, you don’t need to go “all out” to feel good and look fabulous. The magic often lies in basic staples, like these 1 PEOPLE Turin – Seaweed Fibre Tanga Panties in Powder White. What makes these panties special is the high-cut back and medium coverage design. No matter your shape, lingerie trends like this will fit you in the right places without making you feel “bulky.” Of course, make sure to choose lingerie from high-quality materials and, preferably, with some stretch. Fortunately, the 1 PEOPLE tanga panties are created from 66 percent Tencel, 28 percent Seacell, and 6 percent ROICA Elastane for boosted comfort.

Turin - Seaweed Fibre Tanga Panties - Powder White
Serena Halter Lace Bodysuit

Make Him Swoon with a Lace Bodysuit

If basic is too boring for you and you are on the hunt for a special set for even more special occasions, take a look at this CAROL COELHO INTIMATES Serena Halter Lace Bodysuit. The design is absolutely heavenly. This bodysuit features a soft and intricate lace with cut-out detail in the front for a stunning glimpse of your skin. The crotch is carefully lined in 100 percent cotton to ensure comfort and breathability. Probably most importantly, this design will suit women of all sizes and body shapes! You can find the lace bodysuit in sizes from XS up to XXL.

Slip Into Something Seductive

The TORU & NAOKO Maya Chemise in Pink is the perfect example that you don’t need a lot to look phenomenal. On the center, this ultra-sexy lingerie features an easily adjustable ruching. Although not entirely see-through, you can get a slight glimpse of what’s underneath if you focus. If you are bold and ready to try something that few ladies are prepared to try, you can put on a bodysuit and go out clubbing in it. There’s no rule that says you can’t. If there are, rules are meant to be broken.

Maya Chemise

Final Tips: Whatever lingerie you choose, go with a design that you feel most comfortable in. Remember, confidence comes from the inside, and how you feel matters. Above all, make sure that you wear lingerie that is the right size and that it is flattering on your frame. Have fun with fashion!

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