The unique period the world is undergoing has completely shifted day-to-day activities. It is important to remember the light is looming from the other side of the tunnel, and solutions are evolving. 

Living rooms have been transformed into offices and classrooms. Businesses are at half capacity or less if they even survived the pandemic. Masks are a new staple that keeps everyone safe. 

Since the settings and frequency of social events, work, and prior life have shifted, what people choose to wear has also changed. We’ve all seen the memes of someone attending a Zoom business meeting in an appropriate shirt and pajama pants patterned with wine glasses. Not that fashion and style have been lost al-together, Anna Wintour wore chic pajama bottoms at least, but we think fashionistas alike are itching to get back to great style.

How to Improve Your Style in a Pandemic 

Take a look into your closet. Does it exemplify the extravagant lifestyle you want to lead? Our first approach to improving your style during the pandemic is going to start in our closets. 

Start dressing with great style by upgrading fashion pieces, but first, we suggest organizing and streamlining the fashion pieces we already have. Moda Design District has an array of extravagant clothing that will upgrade your wardrobe. We want to help you emulate that sought-after extravagant lifestyle. Rediscover great style. The new normal has had time to sink in, and now we can upgrade fashion again!

How to Revamp Your Wardrobe

There is a bright side to spending extra time at home this year; we have more time to revamp our wardrobes! Make room for more extravagant clothing that alludes to great style. 

Get rid of clothing that does not fit anymore.

Don’t get sucked into buying it either! We all have had the dressing room moment and considered, “Well, if I keep up this new workout routine, it should fit soon…” Having that mindset is awful and does not leave anyone to feel good about themselves. Also, if we go through with the too-small purchase, it often ends up stuffed in the back of our closet, dripping with regret and negativity. 

Be realistic with yourself and live in the present. If you want to reduce your closet’s size, hang onto the pieces you will wear now if the weather or occasion aligned accordingly. 

If the clothing piece does not fit right, triggers an unpleasant memory (hello awful date!), or does not represent you anymore, it is time to move on.

Don’t hold onto that going out top bought years ago in college. You probably do not want to be seen in it anyway. Your wardrobe should represent who you are!

However, choosing to streamline your wardrobe is the first step in revamping a wardrobe. Head over to the nearest donation center, make a younger relative thrilled or get some extra cash in the process.

Upgrade Fashion Pieces

Now that you have made some extra room in your closet, add a few extravagant pieces that you deserve. Moda Design District has you covered with plenty of extravagant clothing options.

Find a go-to cocktail dress unlike anything else you have.

One of our favorite new cocktail dresses is by MO Premiere. The Candy Glow midi dress has a glitter rainbow effect fit for any extravagant lifestyle event.

Silver High Heels

Find the perfect pair of heels.

Heels have a particular way to make a simple outfit more extravagant. They are also the ideal addition to an already alluring outfit. However, it can be tricky to find a pair nuanced enough not to take over your look and remain glamorous. Our favorite pair to upgrade fashion looks is Alexander Bratscher’s boutique silver high heels. The handmade high heels are made from natural leather. They are modern and eye-catching, and will definitely elevate your wardrobe.

Silver High Heels

Add an upgraded raincoat to protect you this spring.

Trench coats have been the jacket trend this past winter and fall. Get ahead of spring and summer fashion by incorporating a lighter version that agrees with the rainy time of the year! Ducktail Rainwear has our coveted spring and summer jacket. The long raincoat comes in an extravagant peony pink or a chocolate brown option. 

Look hot in Haute Couture.

We should all have at least one dress that you can wear to black-tie events. Say goodbye to rental dresses and finally invest in an extravagant evening gown of your own. Moda Design district has an array of attractive options, however one that sticks out to us this season is the Maya Dress designed by Edite. The gorgeous gown is extravagant and will surely revamp your wardrobe. The tailor-made dress is currently on sale and comes in a sexy, classic red adorned with full-body beads and crystals. 

A go-to floral print.

As Miranda Priestly would say, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Take the staple spring print and upgrade it with our favorite floral print from Cosel. The draped floral dress has extravagant features. The back of the dress is open with laces that fasten at the neck with decorative buttons. You can also wear the dress in a midi or maxi style with the help of adjustable ruching. The design is sure even to impress Priestly. 

Draped Floral Dress

Upgrade the go-to little black dress.

Let’s be real. Every wardrobe needs the perfect LBD. Not only does the dress exude class and sophistication, but the LBD is effortlessly extravagant. Our favorite pick this season is Dina’s Letizia Mini Dress. The tailor-made number is constructed to flatter your figure. The black velvet dress has a sweetheart neckline and elegant cut-outs in the back. If you are not convinced yet, you are sure to feel extravagant accompanied by the crystal buttons on the cuffs.

  • Go to bed extravagant.

After wearing gorgeous clothing pieces all day long, go full circle with how to improve your style by ending the day with something equally stylish. Wake up feeling top-notch in our favorite silk PJ set. Not Just Pajama’s 3-piece set allows versatility in your night-time wardrobe. The pant and short options are why we just adore it. Cuddle up in the winter or cool down during summer evenings in this extravagant PJ set.

Finding Extravagance in Daily Life

It can be hard to feel extravagant. Life can have limitations, whether it is an exhausting 9 to 5 career or a global pandemic! However, find ways to make limitations expectations by feeling and looking your best. We at Moda Design District are here to help you rediscover extravagance in your daily life. If an extravagant lifestyle is something you have always idealized, we are here to help you make that desire a reality. 

Are you planning on revamping your wardrobe this season? You know where to find us. In addition to the pieces mentioned above, you can browse different boutiques and find unique fashion and tailor-made pieces from designers all over the world.

Have we helped you rediscover your path to extravagance? We want to hear from you! How has the new normal changed your stance on fashion? We want to know all about your experience. If you shop with us to add extravagance to your wardrobe, come back here and share your experience if this article helped you!

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