Finding the perfect swimwear for body types is a struggle pretty much everyone can relate to. Swimsuits can feel exposing. But, they can also be beautiful and help your confidence shine. 

Moda Design District has put in the hours to create this helpful swimwear guide, so you don’t have to! We have found stylish suits that are compliant and secure.

Ahead, we have analyzed sexy swimsuit trends for summer 2021 that are sure to make you feel confident. Then, we have narrowed the choice down to which cuts are made to flatter which body type.

It can be stressful to find bathing suits for body types. That is why we are here to take the stigma out of swimwear and help you shop swimwear for body types. There is something for everyone. You, too, can find sexy bathing suits made for you!

Best Swimsuit for My Body

We all have probably asked ourselves, “What is the best swimsuit for my body?” There is no correct answer to that question because you can rock whatever you feel the most confident in. 

At Moda Design District, we see the beauty in every body type and we want to make all women feel confident. That is why we created this helpful guide to make your swimsuit search easier. 

Bathing Suits for Body Types: Pear-shaped and Curvy 

Women with a pear-shaped silhouette have a tiny waist and filled-out hips. The gorgeous body type can be seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, or the Kardashians. 

The key here is balancing out your features with sexy bathing suits. You will want to accentuate your waist and make sure your bottoms have comfortable coverage.

– Pro-tip: You can draw eyes upward by opting for a suit with a plunging neckline or attention-grabbing pattern. This way, the top will be the focal point of your look instead of your bottoms. 

– You could go for a conventional fix by wearing a sarong or swimsuit bottoms with a skirt.

Swimsuit for Body Type: Pear-shaped

– Draw attention to your tiny waist and curves by opting for a full suit with a cut-out near the waist. This attractive option features a high neckline and covered bottoms, drawing attention to the waist area with lace detailing. The back offers a trendy adjustable waist tie similar to a corset.

– We could not be happier that high-waist bikinis have made a comeback. Not only does the modish look enhance your curves, but the cut provides great coverage, perfect for pear-shaped women looking for a new style.

          This bikini from Austere is one of our favorites. The color block swimsuit has a retro silhouette. Your final look is sure to be flattering with the high-rise cut. 

– A contour one-piece swimsuit will balance out your physique. The minimalist design of MO Swimwear’s one-piece swimsuit gives the illusion of elongated legs with high-leg cuts and a covered bottom. A printed one piece swimsuit may just be your summer staple. 

– The plunging scoop neckline on this flattering black swimsuit top will draw all the attention where you want and away from the places you want to subdue. The medium coverage top can be paired with matching black high-coverage bottoms. 

Giulia La Barucci
Jane Bottom In Tropicalia Print
Vivo Stone White
Clare Top In Black

Bathing Suits for Body Types: Small Bust

Women with an A or B cup can opt for a sexy swimsuit top with less support. Some celebrities with this body type are Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, and Natalie Portman. 

If you want to create the illusion of a larger chest, opt for sexy bathing suits with bows, detailing, or busy patterns. Or, show off your smaller cup size with a minimally covering bikini top. 

– Pro-tip: Opt for a halter swimsuit top or even a padded push-up top to give you that extra volume you are seeking out. Whether you want to add some extra cleavage or not, you can’t go wrong because your body is stunning. The key here is to make yourself feel the most confidence. 

Swimsuit for Body Type: Small Bust

– Ruffle detailing on the top can create the illusion of curves. If you want to try out a look that makes your bust look a bit more voluminous, opt for this V-shaped swimwear top. The placement of these ruffles will add a bit of volume to your chest size. 

– Embrace your small bust by opting for bandeaus or tiny scoop tops. After all, you have the ideal body type for these cuts. 

– You can create the illusion of curves with a triangle bikini. The adjustable halter style can enhance and perk up your chest.

A small bust means you can pull off all the cut-outs without worrying about losing support. Try out this peek-a-boo cut-out swimwear top to be extra in-trend.

Cappuccino Two Piece
Rockaway Two Piece
La Bomba Top Baia
Bali Bikini Top In Penelope Print

Bathing Suits for Body Types: Large Bust

For the more well-endowed women out there, support is key in finding the perfect swimsuit top. You have more cleavage than the typical girl, and you have to hold up the girls. 

If you want to keep your appearance streamlined, you should avoid ruffles or sparkles. Those extra details can draw unwanted attention or make your bust look bigger. 

Your body type and chest size are similar compared to Kate Upton, Cardi B, and Salma Hayek. 

– Pro-tip: Swimsuits that have a similar cut as a bra provide the most support. This is because they typically contain underwire, which keeps everything in place.

          Adjustable straps are another detail to keep an eye out for. They make sizing suitable for your personalized needs.

Swimsuit for Body Type: Large Bust

– Thick straps typically provide the necessary support for keeping your chest lifted and together. They are great for holding you up. This swimwear top is designed to act as a sports bra. The thick lining will have you feeling supported all day long, no matter what water activities you may take on.

– Busy patterns and embellishments can draw attention to an area or make them seem more significant. Whereas a neutral tone can streamline your look. A nude color swimsuit is subdued, and not to mention monochrome looks are all the rage this season. 

– A swimsuit with a high backline can do wonders for supporting your chest. This is because the design is working from behind at scooping your chest upwards and altogether holding you up.

Jane Top In Tropicalia Print
Ninon De Lenclos
Carino Top Souffle

Bathing Suits for Body Types: Athletic

Your body is sans-curves. Your straight waist mimics celebrity bodies like Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Vonn, and Jennifer Anniston. A printed one piece swimsuit may be your best friend this summer. 

– Pro-tip: If you want to amp up your curves, thinner straps, and less coverage does the trick. High-leg cuts and high-rise bottoms can bring up your waistline, making it look smaller and your bottom curvier. 

Swimsuit for Body Type: Athletic

A color block swimsuit or a bold printed one-piece swimsuit can give the illusion of curves. We recommend playing with ruffles or sparkle embellishments. 

– Swimsuit bottoms with a ruffle at the hips can make your bottom look perkier. If you want that look, this design will give you the lift you are looking for. The fun colors are sure to pop and have you stand out on any beachfront. 

– Remember earlier when we mentioned that less coverage could actually give you a fuller look. Opt for a string bikini with a busy print to make your body appear fuller. 

We are here to make Summer 2021 Effortless.

Swimsuit shopping can be a pain. But with Moda Design District, make your shopping experience uncomplicated and fluid. 

One Piece Rita Folk Print
Pastel Waves Two Piece
La Bomba Bottom Zebra

We believe that every body type is gorgeous, and there should be a swimsuit out there that makes you feel confident. That is why we have a wide range of styles and fits. There is something for everyone at Moda Design District.