Even though the weather outside may be a bit more gloomy than those summer days we all reminisce on, that is still no reason to dull up our wardrobe. In fact, you can re-energize yourself by putting some care into selecting winter office outfits.

Do you feel yourself hitting a wall lately? I think many people can agree to feeling their minds drift with the holidays just around the corner. The time-off we all need is just around the corner. The holidays allow everyone a moment to pause. However, putting thought and care into your winter work outfits can make your day-to-day a bit more luxurious.

Perhaps, as the mornings grow darker and cooler, it’s harder to get out of bed in the morning. Imagine having a thick, textured women’s sweater waiting for you after you wake up. It’s all about the little things and details that make our lives full. Whether you’re still logging on from home or venturing out into the office, dressing the part plays a huge role in our productivity. So, if you feel inspired by fashion and good about yourself when you take the time to dress up, it may be time to start romanticizing your routine with fabulous winter office outfits. 

Trends to Elevate Female Work Wear

A Classic Trench Coat

An oversized trench coat is the perfect final touch on your winter work outfits. All well-dressed ladies have the classic style in their wardrobes. Rain or shine, you’ll be in the clear while looking effortlessly chic. You can pair your trench coat with a women’s sweater and one of our luxury tote bags for winter office outfits. If your women’s sweater of choice is all one color, tie the look together with some plaid or printed pants for an element of personality. Top off your look with simple stud earrings and a string of pearls; you can even add a swipe of ruby red lipstick as an ode to the holiday season.

Another great thing about trench coats is that there are many layering options. Not only can you use the style staple in your winter work outfits, but other times as well. Are you a workout junkie? A very on-trend way to style a trench is over the top of a monochromatic workout set. Grab some chunky gold hoops and your favorite trainers; then, boom, you’re gym #selfie-ready.

Camélle Black Collar Oversized Denim Coat

Luxury Tote Bags

When the time comes to spice up winter outfits for women, incorporating luxury tote bags can do the trick. Nowadays, we often have to lug our laptops to and from work. Not to mention the hoards of other items we like to have on-person. This could include snacks, water bottles, lunch, planners, notebooks, wallets, and more. You need more than your average tote to accommodate your essentials and avoid digging through a pile of stuff.

With seamless pockets and functional compartments, luxury tote bags outweigh the other market alternatives. If you’re just starting out, you want to determine what style of bag you like to carry. If you aren’t sure, a classic black satchel is a great place to start. We like this design because it has a large capacity with fitted pockets. The transitional piece features a handle as well as a crossbody strap, allowing you to style it in multiple ways. 

If you want a unique Luxury tote bag, you should consider a wooden tote. The modern style alludes to sustainability and promotes a green footprint. The bag is handmade and features a detachable satin bag.

Black Suit for Women

A black suit for women is an essential winter office outfit idea because you can wear the two-piece set together or separately. The versatile piece is a classic, meaning it’ll last you years to come.

If you want to wear the blazer singularly, grab a clean white button-down shirt dress and black knee-high boots. Next, grab a pair of pearl studs, and you’re in the running for best-dressed. 

Say you want to wear the pants independently. The world is your oyster here. You can begin styling by selecting your favorite women’s sweater. Next, if the weather is cold, you will need a jacket to layer over the top. For those of you with a more colorful style, opt for a chic bomber. Alternatively, a neutral jacket will also tie the look together while keeping you warm.

Do you need another reason to score a black suit for women? Wearing the ensemble together is just that. A classic black suit is an elegant and understated look worn for years. Female suits symbolize and empower women in the workforce. You can save this winter office outfit for your next big meeting or conference to appear professional, classy, and put together. You will look like the woman everybody wants on their team. 

Unexpected Colors

To liven up your winter work outfits, you don’t necessarily need that it-bag or the latest jeans. Sometimes, we have to go back to our roots and think about what stands out in a crowd: bright colors. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we have to nix neons. Pops of color with your dark and neutral wardrobe may exactly be what you’re missing. Accessories, tops, pants, or jackets are all fair games when it comes to this trend. Just remember not to wear all bright tones. Be selective and wear one or two pops of color to remain seasonal. 

This season, we have our eyes on a key lime green handbag. We think the bag will look perfect with your winter whites and the rest of your winter office outfits. This color trend will also pair fabulously with any natural furs or leathers. Pops of lime green became in vogue this past summer. Since fashion lovers alike embraced this color trend, lime green now has a cult following, and you need a hint of the color in your wardrobe. 

Are you feeling blue? If you’re not a fan of the green color trend, frosty blue is emerging as the next big hue in fashion. You can incorporate this color pop trend into your winter work outfits by starting with a blue knit top. Next, layer your knit top over your favorite office-approved pant set. Finish off your look by tossing on a gray and blue check blazer. For shoes, we think a simple loafer is ideal.


Our final favorite way to spruce up your wardrobe this season is by embracing the preppy trend. You can go full-on collegiate by sporting a cord set to your next board meeting or luncheon. Too much for you? You can be unconventionally preppy by tossing a women’s sweater over your shoulders and knotting the sleeves just below the neckline. 

Don’t forget about traditional accessories. A pair of pearl hook earrings and a black hat with pearl accents will take your look to the next level of class.

On a Final Note

Pick one of the trends we mentioned above that suits you and your office style to elevate your everyday look. Not sure where to start? At Moda Design District, we bring independent designers and unique pieces to one space, making your shopping experience effortless and elevated. Shop now to find the hottest women’s winter outfits.