Los Angeles Fashion

Summer is fast approaching, and heads will turn to Los Angeles fashion for a streamlined warm-weather wardrobe. Maybe you are from the City of Angels, or possibly you have a fun-filled trip planned ahead of you. 

LA fashion can be intimidating to compete with, and figuring out exactly what to wear in LA can be stressful. Moda Design District is here to make your packing process effortless with this LA-style guide. 

Regardless of your summer plans, find the latest trends by looking at LA fashion with us! Whether you’re going for street style or trendy business, taking a glance at Los Angeles clothing will give you insight into how to stand out. 

Moda Design District is here to help you decide what to wear in Los Angeles. After all, we put fashion first, and LA style is the powerhouse of all the latest trends.

How to Dress in Los Angeles: Let’s look at Social Media

If you’re wondering how to dress in Los Angeles, look no further than your Instagram feed. While walking down chic Rodeo Drive or funky Melrose Avenue, you are guaranteed to spot influencers snapping shots. 

Influencers are the new and more attainable supermodels of our generation. With fast fashion on the rise, trends are constantly changing. 

Los Angeles fashion represents the newest clothing trends in the market. Taking a look at LA summer fashion is like peering through the looking glass. You will not only discover what’s next in the fashion world but matching LA style is sure to make you look like you stepped out of your comfort zone into the latest trends.

Be You!

While planning out what to wear in LA, you will not want to waste your time just mimicking trends. LA style clothes are unique and represent individuality. 

You will want to wear something that represents your personal style, something that no one else will typically wear. Your go-to LBD may not stand out in LA, but your coveted turquoise slip will pop on the colorful muraled streets. 

LA fashion: Brunch and Beach

LA summer fashion is bright and bold. The toasty weather may have you showing some skin as well. The blazing sun could have you headed to the beach on your day off. 

Let’s be honest. About half of LA is probably wearing some swimwear at all times. If you wonder what to wear in Los Angeles this summer, the perfect swimsuit is a great place to start.

La Style: How to Wear Swimwear as Daywear

  • A full suit can be a great transitional piece. Maybe you have some brunch plans down in Hermosa Beach on your day off, and the sunny forecast is enticing you to get your tan on for the rest of the day. A beach day is calling your name. But how can you dress for brunch and the beach at the same time? 

Avoid driving back to your inland apartment or utilizing the less than favorable beach restrooms to do a quick outfit change into your beachwear by wearing a one-piece suit. One-piece suits are very much in trend and are an emblem of la summer fashion. 

To mimic Los Angeles fashion, try wearing a stand-out one-piece suit like you would a bodysuit. Then pair the suit with a bright summer skirt, a sun hat, and some shimmering gold jewelry. This look is sure to have you ready for a fun brunch followed by a relaxing beach day all-in-one look. A carefree and transitional wardrobe represents a large portion of LA summer fashion. 

Bellezza Pearl Aqua Moon
Pleated Skirt Red Mandarin
Xl Girardi Hat
Royal Porcelain Jewelry Set

What to Wear in LA: Visiting the Hollywood Sign

So you want to visit the infamous Hollywood sign and snap a pic wearing LA style clothes. The gorgeous hike is a must for any LA first-timers. The sign represents the glitz and glamour of the movie industry that made LA the place for dream chasers like you.

You don’t want to miss out on the attraction or be uncomfortable hiking in clothing that is unsuitable for the trek. Athleisure is a LA style staple, and you’ll want to wear a matching workout set to coincide with the trend of LA summer fashion. Wear this bright, athletic top along with the matching bottoms to accomplish the cohesive movement. 

  • No matching set, no problem. Wear an athletic dress or jumpsuit to be comfortable on your hike while looking unique and in-trend. You’ll even look stylish enough to grab a coffee at Alfred’s or lunch at a trendy vegan spot like Kreation. 
Vanillashanti Eco-Friendly Jumpsuit From Econyl®

How to Dress in Los Angeles: Night Out

A night out on the town in the trendiest city of the world calls for a showing stopping fit. Have a hot date planned? Maybe even better, a girl’s night! 

Have not only your companions but LA locals dropping their jaw at your stunning style by planning out the perfect look ahead of time. Your destination for the evening can contribute to what you should wear.

Trendy Dinner Spot. So, you scored reservations at one of LA’s coveted restaurants like Catch LA or Elephante in Santa Monica. You’ll want an eye-catching print dress to be the focal point of your look. This dress is the perfect thing to wear. Complete your look with nude strappy heeled sandals, gold hoops, and a sleek bun. The gorgeous print will be the focus of your outfit.

Aquamarine Dress
Cruise Dress - Yellow
  • Rooftop Movie. You’ll want to be comfy but also put together. Comfortable cotton-based jeans will keep you warm past sunset without causing you to overheat. Complete your look with a matching bustier and button-down. Your look is subdued and natural.
    •  Pro-tip: To mimic Los Angeles fashion, match fabrics and textures. This method can give you that leg up on achieving envious, effortless style. We recommend buying a few pieces from the same collection to ensure the colors match perfectly. 
Kaira Leather Shirt
Jeans Yoko
Emita Bustier

Hit the clubs. LA is known for its glamorous and exciting nightlife. Secure a table at 1OAK in a show stopping sequin mini dress.

Hand-Painted And Pleated Dress- Collection Ray Charles
Sequin Dress
  • Party in the Hills. You’ve wound up with an A-list invite to a celebrity mansion, and you want to stand out. This stunning sustainable caftan made by the latest french designer is one of our summer favorites. To look like a celebrity, pair the patchwork print with black pants, a black cut-out bodysuit, and strappy black heels. 
Caftan «Snow Leopards»
Black Pants
Asymmetric Bodysuit Black

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