The latest trends for resort wear in 2022 are here, and they will make you OBSESSED! If you are looking to turn heads and draw attention anywhere you go, you need to check out women’s resort wear. From bold patterns to unique shapes and dreamy silhouettes, all we can say is that “basic” went out the window. Brace yourself because this is going to be one of the wildest rides of your life.

Setting yourself apart from the crowd begins with choosing independent designers and emerging fashion brands. By choosing Moda Design, you will be not only different from every “Plain Jane” but also support small businesses and brands.

So, what is up with the latest resort wear for 2022? What are some “dos” and “don’t” to stay in the fashion spotlight? Find out below.

The Hottest Resort Wear for 2022 (Top 8 Trends to Look Out For)

Finding top-quality women’s designer resort wear can be a hassle. Not only are there a lot of products to choose from, but how is a girl to know what is in style? Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best fashion resort wear for your updated wardrobe. Check them out.

Stretchy Fabrics and Sheer Designs

Embrace your curves and show off your beautiful figure with the latest fashion resort wear, cover-ups made from top-quality stretchy. For example, we are obsessed with this Mesh Cover Up Nude by A NIVEL MAR. This maxi mesh cover-up dress gives you some “shoulder action” and a discreet “sheer look.” Best of all, this fashion resort wear trend is suitable for ladies of all shapes and sizes! Due to the comfortable stretchy material, plus-sized beauties will especially love it. In short, this women’s resort wear is flattering and oh so irresistible.

Mesh Cover Up Nude

Princess Inspired Romantic Maxi Dresses

If you have always dreamt of being a princess, now is your time to shine. These latest trends in women’s resort wear feature stunning florals and delicate patterns that will make anyone “swoon” at the sight of you. A maxi dress such as this Off White Love Birds Dress by SRUTI DALMIA is the perfect way to go. This incredible piece is created using rich satin fabric, and it features a unique cross-neck silhouette for every woman who wants to stand out. The truth is that floral maxi dresses aren’t boring! Say hello to resort wear 2022 and get yourself a jaw-dropping maxi dress.

Off White Love Birds Dress

Dare to Show Some Skin

This one is for all of the ultra-confident girls out there and those fashionistas who are ready to step out of their comfort zone. Firstly, if you are looking for resort clothing in 2022, you need to keep one key thing in mind. Focus on breathability. 

There are a few ways you can achieve this. You can either choose clothing pieces that reveal some skin or go with breezy materials such as linen. Better yet, choose resort fashion such as this Recorte 100% Linen Dress by HAIR RESORTWEAR. This dress ticks off the breathability factor (it is made from pure linen), and it is also stunning to look at. The flattering silhouette carefully accentuates the bust line and the waist opening, giving you a classy look.

Recorte 100% Linen Dress

Interesting Shapes and Bright Colors

Pick the right women’s resort wear, and you will stand out from the crowd. This season, welcome blouses and dresses with unique shapes such as this stunning Origami 100% Linen Dress by HAI RESORTWEAR. With a cute square neckline and an intricate front asymmetrical double pleat, this dress is a show-stopper. If you want to further elevate your fashion resort wear, we suggest choosing a bright and “sunny” color such as yellow or burnt orange. If you have a darker complexion, these “sunny” colors will make your skin look like it is glowing from within.

Origami 100% Linen Dress

White is Always a Good Choice

Mixing and matching colors can be a hassle for some fashionistas. Whenever in doubt, go for pieces in basic tones such as black or white. In fact, white is a fabulous choice, especially if you are sporting a tan or you have a naturally darker complexing. Women’s resort wear in white will make you look beaming and like you have just come back from vacation. Consider these Ankara -Pyratex® Seaweed Fibre Palazzo – Powder White joggers by 1 PEOPLE. Not only will they make you look fashionably chic, but they are also made from a unique material for healthier skin.

Ankara - Pyratex® Seaweed Fibre Palazzo - Powder White

High-Quality Structured Pants

Although flowy and breezy dresses and pants are the biggest resort fashion hit, we can’t get enough of these Pregas 100% Linen Pants by HAI RESORTWEAR. The reason being is simple. If you want to elongate your legs and accentuate their natural shape, you need to have these structured pants in your wardrobe. The neutral color is also a fantastic choice for trendsetters who are looking to expand their collection with staples. Fashion tip for ladies who are insecure about their tummies: Choose high-waisted pants to mask your mid-section and make it look flatter and more “snatched.”

Pregas 100% Linen Pants

Let’s Go Clubbing

On the hunt for the sexiest fashion for resort wear? Look no further. Choose an alluring clubbing outfit such as this Faux Leather Cut-Out Dress by DELAYNE DIXON. Because you are bound to go out when on vacation, right? So, why not give off the ultimate sultry and sassy vibes? The cutout details add interest and appeal to the ensemble, while the adjustable straps make it suitable for both women with larger or smaller breasts. 

Faux Leather Cut-Out Dress

Stunning Biodegradable Bikinis

If you are looking to lounge on the beach, take a swim, and be more environmentally friendly at the same time, you need this Oasis Biodegradable Bikini by HAI RESORTWEAR. This season, resort clothing for 2022 will focus on organic and biodegradable materials that help make our planet a better and cleaner place. These innovative bikinis are created from an enhanced polyamide Amni Soul Eco® yarn, the first 100 percent biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn in the world. Besides that, you get UV protection 50+. Resort clothing for 2022 is not only Earth-friendly but also kinder to your skin.

Oasis Biodegradable Bikini

Resort Fashion No-Gos and What to Avoid

Although we are always in favor of experimenting with fashion, and we encourage thinking “out of the box,” there are certain things you should avoid to stay trendy. For example, stay away from materials that are low-quality and hard to manage. For instance, some materials, such as poor-quality rayon or cotton, have a high wrinkle factor. Even though this is not a huge deal when it comes to fashion, it can easily make or break your entire outfit by making you look frumpy.

Moreover, avoid materials that trap heat, as these will make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. For instance, always choose good quality cotton and the king of resort wear, linen. These are lightweight and natural materials that will make you feel fresh and confident all season.

Ready to shop? Take a look at Moda Design’s impressive collection of women’s designer clothing, ranging from jackets and other clothing pieces to accessories and even shoes. Remember, you are worth the splurge.