These swimsuit trends for 2022 will make you the hottest babe on the beach. Whether you’re headed for a vacation in Miami, Ibiza, or Thailand, get ready to strut the latest fashion and show off your curves with these trending bikinis. This summer, it’s all about ruffles, bold colors, and intricate shapes. We’ve compiled a list of the trendiest styles, must-have patterns, and coolest fabrics to make all of your summer dreams come true. If you’re curious to find out which swimsuits of 2022 made the list, keep on reading.

First thing’s first, make sure you choose women’s swimwear from reputable stores such as Moda Design. This will help you get the best bang for your bucks and outstanding quality.

That said, here are the best swimsuit trends for 2022.

Sparkle Like a Star with Micro-Glitter

Sparkly glitter and lurex swimsuits made their first appearance last year, but this summer, they’re going to take the front stage. The hottest celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted making a “glittery splash” on beaches, usually pairing the sparkling bikini with oversized shades and bucket hats. You can also get inspired by the stylish Hailey Bieber and accessorize with lots of jewelry. Hands down, the “it” beach swimsuit of 2022 is the micro-glitter bikini. Although some trends come and go, this type of women’s swimwear is staying for now. 

If you’re looking for a luscious, golden look, you will love the La Bomba Top Gold Dust bikini. Even bolder babes will fall in love with Electric Blue Glossy bikini. Warning, you may get too many compliments. Be prepared for the attention.

La Bomba Top Gold Dust
Electric Blue Glossy Bikini

The Monokini Is Back

If you’re longing for a blast from the past, take a look at the latest monokini trend. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are obsessed with these trending bikinis because they are fashionable and “curvy-girl” approved. If you want to emphasize your hourglass body shape and get attention on the beach, the monokini beach swimsuit is perfect for you. Best of all, this women’s swimwear is highly versatile! You can find it in different cuts, patterns, colors, and materials. However, the monokini can be very bold for some women. If you’re looking for a bit more coverage, we recommend checking out the Byron Bay One-Piece Swimsuit.

Byron Bay One-Piece Swimsuit In Red Coral
Mykonos Crisscross Swimsuit In Sand Brown

Neutrals and Clean Cuts

You’ll love the following women’s swimwear trend if you want to get that “clean girl” Tiktok aesthetic. Although we’ll see a lot of bold colors and shapes on the beaches this year, the biggest fashionistas are letting us know that natural colors and simple, clean cuts are IN. For example, this Mykonos Crisscross Swimsuit in Sand Brown is fully lined and made from the highest-quality soft and light fabric for hours of fun on the beach.

Biodegradable Women’s Swimwear is Here

Take care of the environment and choose a biodegradable beach swimsuit for 2022. Fortunately, the are many beautiful swimsuit models that are flattering and fashionable. For example, this Oasis Biodegradable Bikini is not only sustainable (it’s made from enhanced polyamide Amni Soul Eco® yarn), but it’s also stunning, form-fitting, and easy to accessorize. With UV protection 50+, it will also take care of sensitive skin.

Oasis Biodegradable Bikini

Channel Your Femininity with Ruffles

If we’d pick one of our favorite swimsuits for 2022, it would be ruffle bikinis. Although ruffles aren’t new on swimwear (we’ve been seeing subtle ruffles on bikini shoulders and necklines for years), the placement is. In 2022, you can expect a more playful twist with bottom-ruffle swimwear. For instance, this White Pearl Two Piece will make you feel like a dreamy mermaid. If you’re a big fan of the world of Fairycore and Cottagecore, you’ll be head over heels with these dreamlike and ethereal swimsuit styles are a must-have in your wardrobe. Looking for a tropical twist? Check out this Coco Paixão – Ruffled Triangle Top style.

White Pearl Two Piece
Coco Paixão - Ruffled Triangle Top

Unleash Your Inner Animal

Animal prints have been one of the staple swimsuit styles for years. In 2022, we encourage you to play around with your “wild side” and try out a fun zebra or leopard print. The La Bomba Bottom Zebra is the perfect choice if you’re on the hunt for minimalist style and a flattering fit. The Matira Two Piece cheetah print swimsuit is another trendy option.

La Bomba Bottom Zebra
Matira Two Piece

Keep it Simple with White

White is timeless and versatile – it looks good on all skin tones, and if the material and cut of the swimsuit are of high quality, it will suit petite and curvy ladies. Just think about the style icon, Marilyn Monroe, and her signature white swimsuit! Put on a bold red lipstick, and you’re Insta-ready. Swimsuit trends 2022 bonus tip: If you want to elongate your neck and appear slimmer, we recommend choosing a V-cut front, like the one the Vivo Stone White has.

Vivo Stone White

How to Choose the Right Swimsuit?

Following trends is fun, but knowing how to choose the right swimsuit will help save you time and money. Here are some expert tips on how to shop wisely.

Pick the Right Style

As you can see from the swimsuit trends 2022, you’ll find a wide array of iconic pieces in different styles. Typically, there are three main swimsuit styles to keep in mind. These include:

  • Bikini
  • One-Piece Swimsuit
  • Tankini

If you want to maximize your tan with minimal coverage, a bikini is a good choice. These swimsuits will accentuate and highlight your bust, whether you’re an A or a double D-cup. You can also find many trending bikinis with different exotic and feminine prints to add charm and personality to the look.

On the other hand, one-piece swimsuits will often give you full coverage and a dose of elegance. If you’re looking to camouflage your belly, choose a one-piece with dark colors and shirred material.

Finally, tankinis offer the convenience of a bikini and the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit. If you want to bring attention to your waist, choose a tankini.

Shop According to Your Body Shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so choosing the right swimsuit will depend on your bust, waist, and hips. Before shopping, determine your body shape. Here are the five body shapes:

  • Triangle shape: narrow shoulders, full hips, and small bust.
  • Diamond shape: Balanced hips and shoulders, wide waist.
  • Rectangle: Balanced hips and shoulders, minimal waist definition.
  • Hourglass shape: Balanced hips and shoulders, defined waist.
  • Inverted triangle: Larger bust and broad shoulders, narrow hips.

Choose a swimsuit according to what body parts you want to accentuate and camouflage. If you have an hourglass shape, you want to choose a swimsuit that accentuates the waist. For example, a bikini with ruffles or frills will sit nicely on the hips. A retro-inspired bikini will also look phenomenal on an hourglass figure.

Watch Out for Quality

Choose a swimsuit made from high-quality materials that feel good on your skin. Although it’s tempting to buy cheap beachwear, we recommend spending more on quality. Remember, some trends last for years, and you might want to wear your swimsuit in 2023 too.

Are you ready to look your best this summer? Luckily, Moda Design is here to help. Take a look at our latest collection of stunning swimsuits, and get ready to slay on the beach.