Spring has finally sprung, and the steamy summer months are just around the corner! It is time to revitalize your wardrobe. Bring your style back to life with a spring-summer color palette. We will help you complete a spring or summer color analysis with the help of our favorite selections from Moda Design District products. 

Inauguration day foreshadowed the trend of bright and rainbow colors for spring and summer. Bold color statements are all the rage this warm weather season. With a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel looming, fashion is also coming back to life with vivid, full-life colors. 

Colors of Fashion Are Contradicting the Time

The preference for bold, bright colors this season is like a protest. A protest for vitality and the absence of the previous joys and freedom life without the fear of illness carried. The world took health for granted and is facing the repercussions. 

Social change has also sparked altering fashion. People want to be heard, and what better way to stand out blazing than brilliant colors. 

Like the other aspects of life, fashion also took a turn this year, given the world’s current climate. Runway shows were virtual, and shopping in-person was limited. 

Designers and creators had to spur innovation in a time of bleakness to inspire trendsetters and fashionistas. Critics adored the bright colors that popped during Fashion Week, and consumers took to shopping for bright colors bringing life and fun to street fashion. 

Spring Colors Clothes

Spring will begin with an introduction to bright colors. More pastel than what we will see this summer. Expect to see baby sky blues like cerulean, sherbet-toned marigold, sunshine yellow, french royal blue, and a nostalgic feature: bubble gum pink. 

Spring Color Dresses

Thin Stripes Mini Dress Yellow

Mellow in Yellow.

The illuminating sunshine yellow color is a must-have. The brand Saint Body has the perfect mini in the iridescent shade. The thin stripes mini dress is a simple cut that flatters all body types. The sexy back neckline scoops a bit deeper to show off a spring break tan, and the straps are adjustable.

Vannia Soft Pink Silky Jumpsuit

Pop in Pink.

The beautiful hue is both feminine and favorable. You are sure to match the gorgeous blooming spring flowers in bubble gum pink. Classique has a jumpsuit we are all looking forward to wearing this spring. The Vannia soft pink silky jumpsuit will have you feeling effortlessly in tune with the color trend this season.

Silk Hand Marbled Open Back Dress - Blue

Sway in Sky Blue.

The calming hue is a fan favorite. We have our eyes on Edward Mongzar’s silk hand-marbled open back dress. We are coveting thee exaggerated bell sleeves and triangular open back.

Dress 5048

Original in Orange.

Think of those push-popsicles filled with sherbert ice cream for this color trend. We have our eyes on OlenaDat’s boutique. The 5048 dress is crazy colorful and has metallic details on the shoulders.

Lulu Midi Dress In Blue

Regal in Royal Blue.

The beautiful french blue tone alludes to evenings in Paris during springtime. Feel regal in Tales of Anyday. Their Lulu midi dress is constructed with breathable, smooth satin. We love the frill on the bottom of the design, adding a free flow and fun ruffle.

Spring Color Outfits

Monochrome is another color trend we see this spring. A monochrome outfit consists of using the same color for all parts of your look. The cohesive trend has trickled from fall and winter due to its hyper popularity. Use your favorite spring color trend to execute a spring monochrome outfit.  

Summer Colors Clothes

Once the weather allows us to hit the pool and has us all craving a margarita, the pastels of spring will ripen and turn juicer. Expect bold, bright colors in street style. Plan for some intense summer shades because the most popular summer colours clothes will be hued like a rainbow. 

We will see refreshing mint green, burnt coral, bright amethyst, raspberry sorbet, and a hue that alludes to Essie’s iconic nail polish: mint candy apple.

Summer Color Dresses

Mo Safari

Spicy in Mint Green.

We are thrilled about the popularity of the gorgeous emerald shade. When the trees become filled with rich, vibrant green leaves, it will be in trend to mimic the magnificent color. MO Premiere has the perfect dress for this color trend. The Safari dress is a formal shirt dress in parakeet green. The back has a slight, sexy opening with a professionally fitted front design.

Pleated Skirt Orange Sea

Cool in Coral.

Emulate the alluring colors in a coral reef with this color trend perfect for a hot summer. Coral reefs inspired Cosel’s pleated skirt in the Orange Sea. We love this design because of the decorative waistband. The skirt is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.


Vivacious in Violet.

The amethyst color trend alludes to lavender fields in Provence and summer sunset-filled skies. Jovana Matic’s Picasso maxi dress features a unique cut. The design is a perfect cocktail dress for the summer season, and it is almost guaranteed that nobody will waltz in the same outfit as you.

Raspberry Butterfly

Refined and Ravishing in Raspberry.

Nothing else parches summer thirst like tart raspberry sorbet. Even if the taste is not up to your alley, the color has to catch your eye, at least. Cosel’s Rasberry Butterfly maxi dress completes this summer color trend. The color is literally in the name, but other in-trend colors like violet and french blue are also patterned in the flowing dress. The airy dress emphasizes the waist and fits comfortably.

Summer Clothes Coloring

Regardless of which summer color trend you want to try out, Moda Design District offers color filters to help your search! Quickly sort through gorgeous designs in whichever color is most flattering on you. 

The great thing about the warm-weather color trend is that there are many options to choose from. Whether you prefer to wear warm or cool colors, there is a color trend option that aligns with everyone’s preference. 

The Spring Summer Color Palette

 The spring-summer color palette is going to be bright and full of life. We are here to help you become trendsetters. Perk up the street style this warm weather season and have fun incorporating lively colors into your wardrobe. 

Do you plan on following the spring or summer color analysis? Which color trend was your favorite? We want to hear from you! Spark a conversation with other fashion lovers by leaving a comment or sharing this blog on social media.

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