It’s never been more vital to spotlight the hottest young designers than right now. In the present economic climate, small businesses are in great demand of attention. Not to mention, young designers make sustainability a priority. They also frequently have a fresh take on the top women’s designers typical approach.

Our digital overview of the up-and-coming brands you need in your closet this season is a great place to start if you’re in the market for something a little out of the ordinary. You’ll want to keep these designers in mind as you plan your wardrobe for next season and beyond, from gender-fluid collections to basic standout pieces, new brand clothing is on the rise. 

Let’s dive right into discovering the up-and-coming brands and top women’s designers of 2021.

Jann Bungcaras

Jann Bungcaras

Jann Bungcaras grew up Asian and felt pressured to become a lawyer or a doctor, so he focused on academics since he believed it was the only way his family would accept him; unfortunately, this was not to be. Early in 2016, he had a trauma and was unable to acquire objective memory, resulting in the demise of his family’s goal for him.

He still considers it a gift in disguise since the haze gave him the chance to pursue his first passion, fashion design, and develop new brand clothing. Bungcaras is now a sustainable designer with the purpose of moving his clientele with the tales he tells via his garments, inspiring them to be unique, and reversing the bad impacts of fashion one upcycled item at a time. He is now a top women’s designer.

He graduated from Copenhagen Business School in 2021 and now has a successful non-gender-conforming sustainable fashion brand. His designs use storytelling elements to reflect personality and taste. All clothing is created and developed in the Philippines using textile waste or natural fibers found locally.

You can shop all the gorgeous designs from Bungcaras here.

Sophie Simone Designs' boutique

Sophie Simone Cortina

Sophie Simone Cortina is a Franco-Mexican designer who founded Sophie Simone Designs. Her brand is inspired by her love of her home Mexico and her desire to create items that are ageless, delicate, adaptable, and one-of-a-kind. She started producing jewelry as a kid, constructing necklaces out of old brooches discreetly handed to her by her grandmother, which she then transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Sophie now likes developing her designs based on what inspires her the most and collaborating with amazing Mexican craftsmen. Each design is meticulously handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. Her love of travel, art, yoga, photography, nature, and life inspires her to collect inspiration everywhere she goes; she turns it into exquisite jewelry creations.

Sophie’s inquisitive eye is constantly looking for inspiration in nature, no matter where she travels. She brings her thoughts to reality by sculpting each pattern in wax, an ancient process that requires time and accuracy. Their wonderful team of craftsmen all work together to develop the final designs manufactured entirely by hand from start to finish- Sophie’s jewelry in 22K Gold Plated, Silver.925, or 14K Gold.

Maria Ossaba

Maria Ossaba

Maria Ossaba is a young Belgian designer who believes that fashion is about expressing our own views and ideals via new brand clothing. She produces one-of-a-kind street style designs inspired by her life experience as well as the arts and environment.

She enjoys telling tales using textures, forms, and colors and creating characters and new settings via unique and striking collections. Her constant innovation represents chic rebellion and deconstruction. The designs result in luxury-executed women’s and menswear staples meant to be worn in daily life. 

Maria was born in Medellin, Colombia, and in her twenties, relocated to Ghent, Belgium, to pursue her ambition of being a fashion designer. She graduated from the Sint-Niklaas School of Design in 2019. Since then, she has been designing unique and excellent items for genuine individuals who are not afraid to be themselves.

Shop her stylish streetwear here.


Anna Tim

Anna Tim is a clothing line designed for ladies who love to dress in attractive, high-quality garments. The top women’s designer uses natural textiles that are pleasant and comfy to wear. They focus on developing eye-catching outfits for active women. 

In addition, there are items in their collections that are offered in both formal and informal styles and special events for your unique look! There is something for everyone with a range of high-quality knits, professional blazers, and flirty dresses.

PANI-KA boutique

Kamila Dziezyc, PANI-KA

Kamila Dziezyc is a young Polish designer who founded PANI-KA. Her new fashion design company was launched in 2012 and has already received widespread acclaim in her own nation. Her up-and-coming brand has everything you need to fill your jewelry box. Kamila honed her skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, where she earned a degree in Jewelry Design. 

Her graduating collection was shown at Yes Gallery, one of the country’s most famous boutiques. PANI-KA is unique, bold, simple, and unrestrained in its shapes. It stretches the limits of conventional jewelry design and investigates the possibilities of the link between the body and jewelry forms – how they might impact, excite, and compliment each other. The only limit is your creativity. 

Shop her dazzling new fashion designs here.

Not Just Pajama

Not Just Pajama 

Are you looking for sleepwear’s top women’s designers? Look no further because Not Just Pajama is a fresh twist on contemporary sleepwear. The brand was founded in London in 2015. They manufacture silk items that are as fresh and stylish as they are luxury. 

Their objective is to deliver gentle wearing nightwear made from the best, sustainably sourced silk to counteract the rush of life and work. The brand is all about self-care and giving yourself the quality rest you deserve. 

The brand also gives back to society. Not Just Pajama is an outspoken opponent of child labor and human trafficking. They make certain that everyone in their community has a nice place to work and live. Our primary focus is the well-being of our employees.

The company is dedicated to paying employees a living wage to say thank you for all of their efforts. Not Just Pajama makes a concerted effort to maintain a personal connection with each and every worker, therefore fostering solid connections. Our number one goal is to have happy personnel.

Not Just Pajama is the solution to a refined lifestyle, with pure silk at the core of each one-of-a-kind garment. You can go to sleep dressed like a queen and wake up feeling refreshed!

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