Today we are going to cover one of fashion’s favorite accessories. They frame your face. They take your look from drab to fab. And they protect you from severe sun damage. Did you get the hints? We are covering the most popular women’s sunglasses and the best sunglasses for women this scorching summer season. 

Do you want to block the *occasional* eye roll or spend your summer days lunching and people watching? Then you’re going to need pair of sunnies. Unfortunately, the best sunglasses for women can be hard to find. But they have the power to shield you from harmful sun rays while adding an unspoken air of elegance and fierceness to your wardrobe. 

Think how chic Anna Wintour always looks with her classic Chanel sunglasses. She says sunglasses are ideal for keeping people from knowing what you honestly think about something. As the editor and chief of Vogue, she must remain indifferent at all times until her opinions are released in the latest publication.

Whether you want a flirty dark shade or intrigue a bit of mystery like Wintour, sunglasses can ultimately elevate your look. At Moda Design District, we have you covered with the hottest high fashion sunglasses picks for this season.

Popular Sunglasses

There are so many sunglasses styles. Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed visiting the sunglasses rack? Maybe you tried on a pair that caught your eye, gazed in the tiny box mirror, and realized you have no idea what they look like because you can’t get past the security tag inconveniently placed on the bridge of your nose. Yep, we’ve been there too. That is why we specifically choose sunglasses styles that flatter every face shape. 

The best sunglasses for women are pairs that look good on just about anyone. That’s why they became popular women’s sunglasses in the first place. The most popular women’s sunglasses are designed to shape and enhance any face shape.


Have you noticed that makeup trends are all about lifting the upper cheek, brow, and eye area? Thanks to ageless supermodels, we all want to achieve that lifted and youthful look. Cat-eye sunglasses are a fabulous way to upturn your entire face. You will look like you just strolled off an old Hollywood movie set in a cat-eye frame. There is no wonder this frame has remained a favored style among high fashion sunglasses.

We love Supernormal eyewear this summer because the brand is sustainably chic. The frame is constructed from bio-plastic. Take advantage of the chance to love your planet and look hot while doing so. All the lenses are polarized, providing you 100% protection from harmful UV rays. 

Plus, you’ll also receive their stylish silver vegan leather pouch so you can safely store your new frames in your overfilled tote beach bag this summer. Each pair is handmade consciously. There is limited availability for each style, so no one else will likely have the same kind as you.

Magnetic Transparent Frame + Grey Lenses


Round sunglasses may seem like a hard-to-achieve style; however, once you get used to the frame on your face, you will fall in love just as much as we have. Once converted, round sunglasses will be your eyewear staple. Even though round sunglasses may make you think of flower-child style, they became popular sunglasses thanks to American movie stars in the 1920s and 1930s. 

The style has held its reign, consistently showing up in collections of high fashion sunglasses. Some celebrities known for rocking round sunglasses are John Lennon, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Olsen. These celebrities prove that round sunglasses can work on just about anyone with different face shapes and styles. So if you want to look extra trendy, you must grab a pair of circular sunglasses this season.

Eos Black - Sunglasses, Chain & Leather Case
Spontaneous Grey Frame + Blue Lenses

Oversized Sunglasses

Full sunglasses are for more than just hangovers. The glamorous look became popular women’s sunglasses in the 60s. When women started to fill their hair with volume, they needed just as foxy and dazzling shades. The trend quickly became a classic and has stood the test of time. Elton John is a celebrity known for eccentric and fun oversized sunglasses. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Paris Hilton are all known for rocking huge sunglasses. 

The 60s and 80s styles came back into popularity in the early 2000s. Since then, tiny sunglasses became all the rage. However, as more research has come out about the effects of sun damage, beauty-conscious women are reaching for sunglasses that shadow a large portion of their faces. So go big or go home in this striking oversized sunglass style. You can even mix the iconic cat-eye trend by finding an oversized cat-eye frame. 

Ambitious Tortoise Frame + Green Lenses
Bast White - Sunglasses, Chain & Leather Case

Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are the latest trend in women’s eyewear. The futuristic look resembles modern art and the new wave style. In addition, geometric prints and jewelry are all the rage this season. So, it is no surprise we see sharp angles left and right while we shop for new shades.

The enticing part about this latest trend is that you can pick the size. Oversized or tiny frames can be geometrically shaped. Also, many shapes and sharp angles can fall into a geometric shape making this trend extremely versatile based on your comfort. Find your inner edgy self with a pair of geometric sunglasses.

We recommend Supernormal’s oversized edgy cat-eye frames. This is not your typical soft cat-eye. The angles on this pair are sharp, like a geometric shape. You can also opt for sleek, tiny framed sunglasses. This geometric shade alludes to 90s grunge, and we are obsessed. We know iconic 90s celebrities like Kate Moss and Brad Pitt had a similar pair. 

Rebellious Black Frame + Grey Lenses
Curious Grey Frame + Mirrored Lenses

What Lense Shade Should I Pick?

There are so many options for lenses. Some of the many options include mirrored, dark, colored, neutral, or translucent. We ultimately think you can’t go wrong with any lense shade. However, a good rule of thumb is to pick a shade that matches the rest of your look. For example, while you are at the office, a translucent blue-light shade would be perfect. At the same time, you may want a darker lens for better visibility if you have plans to spend your day in direct sunlight.  

Mirrored lenses are one of our favorites this summer. Reflective sunglasses are perfect for the beach, especially because you can opt for bold colored shades like hot pink, bright blue, or shiny silver. The mirrored lens also decreases the amount of light that passes through your average pair of sunglasses.

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You should shop for women’s sunglasses with us because we have a wide range of styles that flatter every face shape. After, fashion is our absolute passion. We have curated an iconic selection of this season’s sizzling trends. Are you looking to add some spice to your summer outfits? A pair of hot sunglasses do a fantastic job at pulling a look altogether. Share this article with your vacation buddies and maybe even shop sunnies together for your upcoming plans.