When you begin a job interview, before you even shake hands, bump elbows, or wave into a screen, your appearance is the first impression you make. Dressing for success at that next big job interview can make you feel confident while showing your future employer you will take things seriously. The best interview outfits for women incorporate trendy skirts, smart button-downs, and stylish shoes.

What to Wear to an Interview

It can be nerve-racking to enter a job interview, especially if you feel stressed about wearing the perfect interview outfit. We recommend minimizing any added pressure on the big day by planning. You already did the hard part by scoring the incredible interview. Now let us take the reigns and help you plan out what to wear to an interview. 

Outfits for women and people, in general, are diverse. Each person that walks by us on the street is dressed for something in particular. Maybe you see a young girl walking to school or a man that looks headed to a swanky business office. You’ve never even met these people, so how do you know where they are going in the first place?

Well, you can tell the young girl is headed to school because her backpack and uniform gave it away, while the swanky businessman is headed into the conference room because the tailored suit told you so. You knew where these strangers were off to because their look is appropriate for where they are going. 

It can be challenging to know how to dress for a job interview because you might be unfamiliar with the office dress code or what your future co-workers wear. Instead of staking out undercover at your job’s headquarters for interview outfit ideas, you can simply follow a few fashion tips to look appropriate for the big day.

Plan for the Perfect Interview Outfits

First, above all, you’re heading into the workplace. Regardless of where you work, you will want some universal business casual staples to reach for in times of need. Trust us. You will need them at some point if not for your interview. 

Have you ever had the perfect outfit planned, slipped it on before your scheduled event, and hated the entire thing? You probably asked yourself, “What was I thinking,” while you anxiously scrambled through your closet in a rampage. Yep, we’ve been too. By creating a wardrobe of staple business-appropriate attire, you will have options on your big day. Let’s start with the basics.

Interview Outfits for Women: The Basics

  • A crisp tee shirt

Essential pieces are transitional. Think about a boxy, stiff fabric white tee. The possibilities are endless. How can something so simple yield a million different outfit choices? Well, this is because a white tee will match just about anything. 

You can dress up your tee with a trendy skirt for an effortless look. Or, you could pair your white top with jean shorts or sweatpants on your day off. However, business casual can be achieved by starting with a crisp, white tee when it comes to interviewing outfits for women. Basics will become your key to layering. We’ll dive deeper into combining outfit pieces later.

Once you begin the job, you can add different color tees in your favorite fits to your wardrobe. For fashionistas, you may find that as you grow in the workforce, your business casual clothing collection expands as well.

Hand Painted T-Shirt ''Green Apple''
Silk V-Neck Blouse
  • Proper fitting trousers

If you find yourself questioning your business attire, a pair of trousers is perfect and appropriate for any business occasion. Sometimes jeans are frowned upon, while other workplaces don’t mind denim pants at all. Play it safe by wearing neutral trousers to your interview.

Pants Mercury
Camélle High-Waist Pleated Brown Shorts
  • Casual Skirts

For women with a more feminine style, a casual skirt or dress is another excellent idea to include in your interview outfits, especially if it’s summertime! If you find yourself questioning your interview outfits, add a neutral skirt to dress up your look. Casual skirts are like trousers because they are more formal than jeans. Build your basics by finding a great tan, black, or white skirt. If you want to play with some more style, keep reading because we will cover trendy skirts soon.

Noara Skirt Set
  • Button-down Dress Shirt

Button-down dress shirts make for another excellent layering element. Pair an unbuttoned neutral-toned button-down to dress up your basic white tee and complete your look. You could even have one handy at all times in case the air conditioning is cranked up extra high.

Having a button-down dress shirt on hand is always a good idea when it comes to the perfect interview outfits. The staple look pairs well with just about anything. You could go for a classic look by pairing your button-down with trousers. Trend your look up a bit by wearing a solid bodysuit, check trousers, and an open button-down.

Blue Jil Shirt
White Lou Shirt

Interview Outfits for Women: Make a Statement

Now that you have the basics for your interview outfits, you are ready to make a statement. However, you do not want to go overboard or draw attention away from your main article when it comes to statement pieces. The best way to incorporate your statement pieces is by pairing them with your business basics.

  • Trendy Skirts

Trendy skirts are great for the workforce. Are you into fun patterns? Maybe you like to incorporate colors that match the season. In the summer months, you can get away with a fun yellow or floral print. While in the fall and winter, you can incorporate rich tones, like burgundy. Then, pair your trendy skirt with one of your business basics so your look remains balanced and not too busy.

Aphrodite: Skirt Pure Silk
Batik Skirt Charlotte
  • Bold Blazer

Have you been dying to wear your new bold blazer but can’t figure out what to pair it with? Maybe you want to achieve the bold blazer trend, but you just are not sure how. Grab your trusty white tee and layer your blazer over the top for an understated put-together result. Next, complete your look with jeans or trousers and possibly a delicate gold chain.

Check Gray Blazer
Abba Blazer
  • Printed Trousers

With prints, the possibilities are endless. Since you have your neutral business trousers already, it’s time to spice things up. You can add your personal touch by pairing a simple top with stylish pants. Pinstripes to plaid, you can’t miss a beat with trending pants. 

Prints automatically make your interview outfits look chicer. Avoid clashing prints by utilizing your business basics. For example, opt for a single-toned bodysuit or tee to keep the look symmetrical. 

Multicolor Long Trousers With Pockets Grey
Camélle High-Waist Pleated Houndstooth-Check Shorts


We all want to strut into that interview feeling confident and prepared. A great way to start on the right track and make a memorable impression is by styling the perfect outfit. Moda Design District is here to help with various business casual options to fill your professional wardrobe. After all, fashion is our passion. We strive to make our customers feel fearless and sure of themselves with access to foolproof fits.

Do you have a big interview coming up? Then, we welcome you to shop our website to find the optimal outfit to wear.